“In any ways that I interact with other people, I love to work with impassioned people. I love to learn from impassioned people, I love to talk to impassioned people, I love to play with impassioned people – like you. And as a coach and as a mentor, I love to help you find the way to express yourself with your instrument.”

The quote above is from the following video, an excerpt from my “Intro to Strings of Passion” Webinar. To see the full replay, get a free account to my “Hip Harp Academy” FREE level by clicking on DHC-Freebies – then log in and look for ‘Webinar Replays.’

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“If you’ve been in any of my classes, you’ve heard me say this over and over and over again, because that’s what’s so important to me. I’m not thinking about your technique – sometimes a little bit to help you because technique is only there to help you express yourself. But I don’t care how big your harp is or how big your hands are or how long you’ve played or all of that. I just care about your passion and your self-expression. And that’s great! I mean, that’s what’s important to me.

But do we all know, do we all have that connection to that self? Do we know what that self is? Do we know how to make that connection?

Someone wrote to me just recently about that and said, ‘You know, I love all this stuff  but I don’t know where that self is. I don’t know who that self is. I don’t know how to find that.’ And I was so moved by that because that is what Strings of Passion is about. It is about finding that connection to that you, even if you think there’s nothing there. And so often we’re not aware of who we are and what we have to express.”

It's about finding a connection to that 'you,' even if you think there's nothing there. Click To Tweet

(Thanks to Tess Nurman for selecting, transcribing and compiling these excerpts and to Kaitlyn Burke for turning them into video explorations)