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Do you wish you had the creative FREEDOM to just sit down and PLAY?  What does that even mean?  Is it something you either ‘have’ or don’t?  Or … is it something you can learn?

Join me July 4th at 2pm EDT!

In this FREE Play-along Webinar with harp improv master Deborah Henson-Conant (that’s ME!) – I’ll  show you one of the coolest secrets to musical freedom – how to jam on a simple progression.  And from there I’ll tell you how you can go much, much further!

So bring your harp and your inner – and outer – PLUCK! And join me for this FREE webinar.

Can’t make it live?   You’ll get a replay link after it’s over so you can watch the replay video.  Saw this too late?  This same free sign-up form will lead you to the replay once it’s online.

Bring your harp & your inner (and outer) PLUCK to this FREE webinar on July 4 at 2pm Click To Tweet

 July 4th at 2pm EDT