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We’re all shy in different ways, even those of us who can seem bombastic. Me, I can go into a small panic attack when I haven’t posted on Facebook for a week and I know I need to.

And I KNOW that the best way to get comfortable with something is to do it over and over again, to commit to showing up, to find your own way with it, to develop a personal relationship, to tease out all the things you ‘think you’re supposed to do,’ and find your own way, to commit to doing it imperfectly, even awkwardly – and then little by little find your comfort with it, changing one thing each day, hiding less, bringing more of yourself to it – until it becomes a part of your voice.

Me, I love live interaction – and I struggle with the tech to connect live line with the same sense of connection I feel on stage.  So I made a commitment to show up on FACEBOOK LIVE for 30 days in a row – every day – some time before midnight.  I set a few more ‘rules’ for this game as well, so here they are:

  • Show up every day before midnight
  • Get more comfortable with my big PEDAL harp as well as my electric lever harp
  • Play different music every night
  • Share something ABOUT what I’m doing each night: the techniques, the ideas behind it, how it works
  • Try some early morning sessions to connect with my new friends in Hong Kong and China – and with different parts of the world

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30 Days of Facebook Live

An Experiment in SHOWING UP

Scroll down to see archives of the 30 days of showing up on Facebook live or go to ALL MY FACEBOOOK LIVE VIDEOS on Facebook.  We’re still adding these so if you don’t see all the dates yet, just come back later to see what we’ve added.  And enjoy!

Sun. Oct. 1, 2017 ~ Blue Bossa, Blue Monk, Black Orpheus, The Phoenix

Link to this Facebook Live Session

This was the first in the set.  This was an all-instrumental event.  I spent about 40 minutes warming up and another 40 practicing the tunes before I even started.  Then I played some of my favorite jazz standards, along with one of my first contemporary jazz originals.

  • Blue Bossa
  • The Phoenix
  • Blue Monk
  • Black Orpheus


Mon. Oct. 2, 2017 ~ Improv, Summertime, Kentucky Babe

Link to this Facebook Live Session

I started having distortion problems plugging directly in to the computer with the harp.  I’d noticed it a little during my warm-up, but it seemed to get more and more pronounced the more I played.  But hey, the goal isn’t to do this perfectly, but to show up and BE HERE — to share what IS.  As I think of it afterwards, that’s an opportunity you don’t get a lot: to hear distortion on a harp – intentional or not.


  • Improv
  • Summertime
  • Kentucky Babe


Tue. Oct. 3, 2017 ~ Blues & Over the Rainbow

Link to this Facebook Live Session

(Still working on the notes to this session)


(Still working on the notes to this session)