As a composer, the delight of hearing my music performed by someone who clearly loves the piece, feels like a creative collaboration. Here’s a performance of my composition, Baroque Flamenco, arranged for harp ensemble by instructor/conductor Magdalene Wong. Performed by Nan Hua Harp Ensemble with guest soloist Nigel Foo at “Rhapsodies From The Harp” concert on 24 March 2016.



I LOVE it!!! What a wonderful arrangement of this piece. I especially loved the technique around 2:40. What a perfect way to create a sense of a string orchestra behind the soloist. Fabulous!

Do YOU play the HARP?
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The sheet music includes 3 versions for Lever & Pedal Harp: 
for Fledgling (Adv. Beginners), Intermediate & Advanced.

Fledgling & Intermediate versions are playable on Lever Harp. Advanced version is for Pedal Harp (though some clever Lever Harp players have adapted the advanced version for lever harp - especially those who've taken my "Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page" class!)