It’s true that I grew up with singing as my first language. It’s true that singing was celebration. It was solace. It was communion.

And it was often a kind of healing.

So do I self-medicate with song today? You bet I do!  Especially on my birthday!

A couple decades back, when my 40th birthday loomed and leered at me, I tumbled myself into a hot bath with a cold soda and started writing a song to help me make it through the rest of my birthdays.

This was a very smart decision.

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It took me just over a year to finish it, but I sing “Congratulations, You Made it This Far” to myself more than any other song I know – and not just on my birthday.

People tell me this song has now become a tradition in their own families. It’s one of my most-requested songs at every show – where I sometimes invite all the Birthday folks up on stage so I can sing it directly to them.  Because this is the song I need to hear on every single birthday.

Do YOU self-medicate with songs?  Want a free prescription? 

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