Many years ago – before I had created my online “Hip Harp Academy” and my “Harness Your Muse” mentorship, I used to invite the people who wanted to do a study intensive with me to come live in my studio.

My thinking was that when we’re learning, the ratio of lessons to practice we need is about 1% new information to 99% practicing with that new information.  So my theory was that whenever these students needed a new infusion of information, I could just come down and we’d have a lesson.

Depending on my performing schedule I’d also invite them to perform with me sometimes.  And sometimes we just did silly things for fun.

Katya Herman was here studying during Christmas of 2011 and we had the idea to decorate the harp studio like a Grotto, pull out anything green or red we could find in the costume box and create a holiday greeting.   So, may I introduce:

An Imperfect Carol from the Christmas Grotto

with Katya Herman & Deborah Henson-Conant

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