Embracing Paris

In a world of virtual connection, is there such a thing as the power of a virtual embrace? Click To Tweet I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but here in the Boston area, the news has been filled with what happened in Paris last Friday – and... read more


Snow. (This is the view from my studio windows)   We got it. And we keep getting it. This is what it looks like in front of my house: Some people ride their bikes anyway. Some people go out running in it. (This is me taking a selfie a mile or so up the bike path)... read more

Stitching a Connection

Last Friday, instead of creating my normal weekly enewsletter, I just sat down and wrote a letter. I went into Constant Contact (the program that lets me send out individual emails to the 7,000 people on my email list each week), I pulled out all the bells and... read more

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