Deborah Henson-Conant

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Music is Connection

When I grew up, music was a huge part of my life but I never listened to records or went to concerts. It was all live.  It all happened in my home – or my relatives’ homes – most of it spontaneous — and it ran the gamut from us playing ukes and... read more

How I met my mother

I write about my mother A LOT.  For Mother’s Day this year I decided to put eight of my memories about her in one place – at least the ones I’ve shared so far! From the Nightingale song, to my NEW holiday “Aunty’s Eve”… from a... read more

Where’s My Cowboy Now?

We went down the driveway to the main road to throw rocks at cars.  I remember it as the day of my Grandfather’s funeral.  My good buddy Stephen Holmes was visiting. We were about 4 or 5, I guess, and we’d been told to get out of the house.  So we went to... read more

Headless Venus

She was my 5th or 6th grade project for history and social studies. I waited ‘til the night before the project was due. Not avoiding it – just obsessing over it.  We were studying ancient Greece and Rome. Finally I took my mother’s Venus, the eight-inch statue... read more

Nixon or the Kildeer??

Somewhere recently I heard that, depending on when you grew up, and who was president, you’ll have a different outlook on life.  In the U.S. for example, they said, if you came of a certain age (which I forgot) during the Kennedy administration, you’ll be... read more