Watermelon is in my Blood

Watermelon is in my blood. Still, after all these years, it’s my favorite food. There are other foods, exotic — and cuisines and culinary experiences — but nothing compares to the pure delice of watermelon. Her texture: exquisite crunch, voluptuous... read more

Caught in the Spell

This blog is about a song, and this is the song: [audio: http://www.hipharp.com/cv/audio/ap2/10_caughtinspell_ap2.mp3] There were nights when I would walk through a deserted Pt. Reyes Station, with Black Mountain looming.  I was 17 or 18, in love with a kid from town... read more

Why Hair is Curly

Carol and Michael and I lived up above the Dance Palace, along with Emery, my dog.  At one point, Sparks, who lived up the hill, started taking all his dinners with us, which was great, because Sparks actually knew how to cook. My culinary repertoire was spaghetti and... read more

Marin Memoires (List of Blogs)

40 years ago I left the place I loved to learn to be a musician.  The place was Pt. Reyes Station in Marin County and the journey brings me back to the very spot of my first performance, where I’ll give a solo show 2013 at the Pt. Reyes Dance Palace in West... read more

When I was a Prescription

I worked in the West Marin Medical Center as a receptionist for doctors Whitt, Sokolosky and Kozinki from the time I was about 17 until I was 19 or 20. It was the only time in my life that I had a real job. I was the one who sent out the monthly bills, a... read more

Postal Celebrity

Condition #1: I am easily star-struck. And then I get shy, and I can’t say anything. Or I say too much, or say stupid things. Condition #2: I’ve always thought of postal workers as celebrities.  Especially post-masters. I think it’s because, when I was 7, I met the... read more

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