How I met my mother

This is a special Mother’s Day message – and a question: Where is your mother in you, now? This picture is my mother and me when I was little.  My biggest childhood heroes were my mother, my aunt, our post-mistress who had a wooden leg, and my dad’s dog. I... read more

The Butterfly Glass

I can see it. We’re sitting at a table, with a cheap waterglass and a set of watercolor paints. I’m about to go to a birthday party and I’m probably 4 or 5. My mother is painting an exquisite butterfly onto the bottom of the waterglass.  She says... read more

This is What You Get

Years ago – it could have been on Mt. Olympus, but I think it happened in Stockton, California – my mother fell in love with Larry, the man who would become my stepfather.   In the myth, she knew he was the one and … Oh, never mind … it’s... read more

Two Horses Running – My Mom as a Paradox

Because she died so young, I’m now older than my mother.  But she’s still my mother.  That’s non-negotiable.  I’m still struggling to be exactly like her and nothing like her. She was – for me – paradox embodied.  She could be physically violent and she was also... read more

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