How to give “The Gift” as a Gift

Just in time for last-minute giving, I discovered YESTERDAY how you can order my MP3 Holiday Collection “The Gift” for friends and send it directly with a message! Why is this so great?  For one thing, this is my best friend’s favorite album of... read more

Celebrate December with Me

Here are my timeless Holiday treats that I love sharing!  Each year the list grows: Gifts ideas, Holiday medleys created by students, “The Gift and The Giving” – a story to get you in the right mindset for a wonderful holiday month…  and of course – my... read more

Happy Song Tests

This was a little experiment I did playing around with a new song I’m working on and some funky video I happened to capture when I was recording it.  The video was definitely ‘not ready for primetime’ so I started playing around with it, seeing what... read more

Dining Collection – Instrumentals

Most of my albums contain a mix of instrumentals and vocals – but when dining (with or without candles) and you want to have a conversation, instrumentals are sooooo much more conducive! Click here to Buy This Use code “WOW” by Midnight Nov. 30 for... read more