What are YOUR Strings of Passion?

WEBINAR REPLAY:   HipHarpAcademy.com Presents Deborah Henson-Conant’s Creativity Workshop   “What are YOUR Strings of Passion” In this FREE WARM-UP WEBINAR REPLAY  you’ll learn the 7 Strings of Passion and how they can enrich your life and your creative... read more

Meet Your Muse

LIVE WEBINAR REPLAY:   HipHarpAcademy.com Presents Deborah Henson-Conant’s   New Year’s Day   Creativity Workshop “Meet your Muse” Enjoy the REPLAY of a free New Year’s online creativity workshop where you’ll start the new year by meeting your life’s... read more

Harp Coloring Pages ~ ColoringHarps.com

Do you play the harp?  Or just like the way harps look? Do you love coloring pages? Download my FREE HARP COLORING PAGES! 3 original drawings by artist Ellen Lebow in a PDF set of coloring pages you can download for free. YES! I want to color harps!! I’ve always loved... read more

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