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Hands on Harmony – for Harps



WHAT IF … you could learn all the basics of harmony in one really focused day? Or stretch it out for a week.

WHAT IF …it was a fun online learning experience specifically focused on HARPS with playalong examples you could try out right in the moment – and then download to practice again later?

WHAT IF … your leader was a bona fide harp master, a Grammy-Nominated international touring performer – who LOVES harmony and LOVES to create ways for you to get into your hands?

WHAT IF …you could ask questions throughout that week about anything you didn’t understand and get answers without having to search all over the web for them?

WHAT IF …  you felt the joy of “Hey, I can DO this!!



for Harps – both lever and pedal harps.
Work at your own pace.

Hands on Harmony lives in my “Hip Harp Academy” yearly membership site, where you can access ALL my online courses in one place for one yearly membership fee.

When you register for the FULL access year-long program, you’ll get access to all my online courses for harp players – including “Hands on Harmony.” You can Register after Oct. 19, 2016  – or Join the First to Know List for Early-Bird Notification Discounts

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Once you’re in, you’re automatically directed to the classroom where you can jump right into the learning, working at your own pace through the edited replays of the 2016 Live “Hands on Harmony” retreat.


I built this course as the HARMONY FOUNDATION from a Harpist’s perspective.  How harmony works on OUR instrument.  I really want you to have this in your hands and your head – because it will make all the other courses I teach so much more fun and enriching for you.

That’s why I made many ways for you to learn in this course: replays of the most recent retreat, playalong exercises, access to replays of previous retreats – and the ability to review it all for a whole year in the Academy –  so you can really get it into your mind, your heart and your hands.

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How can one Harmony Course work for ALL levels of players??

My teaching style is the same as my personal learning style: I teach starting with basic principles and patterns – then each person puts them into play (literally) at their own level playing the Hands-on-Harmony Progressions.

Once you know the basic concept in its simplest form, pattern and shape you can embellish and expand it infinitely.  The key is understanding the basic, simple concept in a way that CLICKS with your mind and your hands.

That’s how I learn —  and that’s how I teach – and that’s why I’m still fascinated and still exploring the same basic ideas after decades of playing with them.

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What People Said about “Hands on Harmony”

“This is a BLAST! I thought I knew this but you make it more user-friendly.” Carolyn Deal

“I have been asking people how to noodle for years, but this is the first time anyone broke it down to a place to start” Joyce Kraut

Wow – this is fun! Using the slap bass, just got a whole new groove going! A new song idea was just born!” Kate Kunkel

“How cool is this?? You can play while the teacher is talking! You can practice the progressions with a whole bunch of other people and nobody can hear you — and you aren’t distracted by anybody else!” Joni Morris

“Love how the harp shifts into the key, patterns remain the same, you don’t have to think about altering fingering!” Sally Walstrum


How “Hands on Harmony” was born

The course was originally recorded during 3 virtual Beta-Test retreats in April and May of 2015. I then started editing those retreats so students can use them for review and so I can develop one comprehensive course that includes the best from each of the Beta-Tests.

I recorded it all again in 2016, posted it for replay and now we’re editing and updating – so when you join the classroom you’ll actually see some of the lessons re-edited from day to day.

But we let you in to the whole process — so if you’re someone who likes to learn things over and over in slightly different ways, you can access ALL the replays of ALL the live retreats – – and if you’d rather just get the basics, you can watch the most recent 2016 replays.

Each session is broken into bite-size pieces and the great part is that you don’t have to worry about remembering any of it in the moment – you can just focus on enjoying the learning – because it’s all recorded so you can watch it again and download the handouts.

Love how the harp shifts into the key ... and you don't have to think about altering fingering! Click To Tweet


And NOW … starting in 2016 – since my new, amazing Course Administrator Mackenzie and my wonderful T.A. Margi came on board … you can see their SUMMARIES of each lesson as well in the Brand New “Hip Harp Academy” online campus.

Once you register, you get into the classroom where you can start learning – and you can learn a little or a lot at a time.  It’s up to you and your learning style.

The main subjects are:

  • How to build and extend chords (to play 7ths and 9ths)
  • Learning the ‘Families’ of chords (like the Family of C Major) and what chords are native to that tuning
  • The basics of noodling, voicing and reading basic chord symbols
  • How to Alter chords – like, how to get a G7(b9) or a Bm7(b5)
  • The basics of Chord substitution
  • How to Navigate the Minor Scale(s)
  • The basics of Modulation
  • And we do a LOT of playing so that you get it immediately into your hands

Got Questions about whether this course is right for you? Email me direct via my “Ask a Question” form.

Wow - this is fun! Using the slap bass, just got a whole new groove going! Click To Tweet


I have been asking people how to noodle for years, but this is the first time anyone broke it down… Click To Tweet

Will You Learn EVERYTHING about Harmony?

Absolutely …. not. Nobody knows everything about harmony — but this is an intensive beginning – and most importantly you’ll get it into your HANDS.  So come on in and join – and if you have questions about whether the course is right for you, use my “Ask a Question” form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! I can’t wait to see you in the course!

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Hey!  Want to get some free stuff right now?

You can download these two very cool reference sheet right now for free:

1. Want to Psych Out Jazz Chords on Harp?

Here’s a special handout from “Hands on Harmony” that gives you the spelling of all the types of jazz chords.  This is a great reference for all levels of players

Click here for My E-Sheet “How to Psyche Out Jazz Chords … on Harp”

2. Which jazz standards are easiest on the harp?