10,000 Fans on Facebook

Wooohooo!   I just passed 10,000 Fans on Facebook. So, why is this important? Well, really anything we do that helps us see our connection with ourselves and with the world is important. And for me, putting a human face on something that can seem to be based on... read more

Harp Coloring Pages ~ ColoringHarps.com

Do you play the harp?  Or just like the way harps look? Do you love coloring pages? Download my FREE HARP COLORING PAGES! 3 original drawings by artist Ellen Lebow in a PDF set of coloring pages you can download for free. YES! I want to color harps!! I’ve always loved... read more

Ute’s “In the Wings”

I originally wrote my one-woman show “In the Wings (or “What the Hell are you Doing in the Waiting Room for Heaven??”)” in 2008 for a premier at the the Central Square Theater in Cambridge. A year later I performed it in a full-cast version in Seattle. After that... read more