My First Kiss

This is a story I wrote out in 1996 when my local NPR station challenged listeners to write in about their first kiss. This was mine — read on the air Feb. 14, 1996.   I lived in North Carolina.  He lived in California. When I met him, I was visiting my... read more

What are YOUR Strings of Passion?

WEBINAR REPLAY: Presents Deborah Henson-Conant’s Creativity Workshop   “What are YOUR Strings of Passion” In this FREE WARM-UP WEBINAR REPLAY  you’ll learn the 7 Strings of Passion and how they can enrich your life and your creative... read more

Meet Your Muse

LIVE WEBINAR REPLAY: Presents Deborah Henson-Conant’s   New Year’s Day   Creativity Workshop “Meet your Muse” Enjoy the REPLAY of a free New Year’s online creativity workshop where you’ll start the new year by meeting your life’s... read more

Love Gone Bad (Lyrics)

What’s the best thing about a bad breakup?   If your heart’s ever been broken. If you ever knew it was the beginning of the end.  If you ever got dumped, or knew you had to dump your lover, then you know what “Love Gone Bad” is all about. So call in the... read more

Closer to You (Lyrics)

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re headed in the right direction and whether love will find you on your journey – this song has the answer. I originally wrote “Closer to You” for the wedding of friends, and had the joy of singing it to... read more

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