The Essential DHC Collection

Official Concert Celebration Release Sat. Feb. 3, 2018 ~ 8pm EST TCAN ~ Center for Arts in Natick, MA Scroll down for more show & download information. Buy Show TixGet the Artist Special Download Collection Pre-Release Download Special! “The Essential... read more

TEDx in Training

A TEDx talk is a collaboration between a speaker – like myself – and the vision and mission of the individual TEDx committee including the many people who support the sharing of these ideas and stories – like my TEDx coach, Kevin Cummiskey (above). ... read more

The Birthday Rose

(Some of the content in this post was originally published 10/31/2011 then was updated & re-published on 11/8/2017) There’s a tradition where I come from that’s called the ‘Birthday Rose,’ and it goes like this: On your birthday, someone... read more

Why you Need to Know How to Play ‘Happy Birthday’

Edith, my grandmother, was a purely functional musician.  She could beat out the rhythm and the chords for a hymn or a folk song, and she did it, loud and strong at Eastern Star meetings and Cancer Dressing events. “People have to sing,” she said, “And somebody has to... read more

Best Ever Birthday Gifts ~ The List of Possibilities

It’s true I’m probably a control freak when it comes to my birthday (or possibly, everything). It’s true I get nervous every time someone gives me a gift. It’s true I worry – a lot – about where to put the gifts people give me. I’m working on all that.... read more

How to Musically Self-Medicate (on your Birthday)

You-Tube Sing-along Video Download the FREE MP3 It’s true that I grew up with singing as my first language. It’s true that singing was celebration. It was solace. It was communion. And it was often a kind of healing. So do I self-medicate with song today? You bet I... read more