Deborah Henson-Conant

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Sensoria Collaboration Pieces

In April I’ll be performing at the Sensoria festival in Charlotte, NC, playing with a chamber ensemble, conductor Alan Yamamoto and working with choreographer Clay Daniel and his dancers from CCPC, where the festival takes place. Clay asked to see some of the... read more

4 Days Before the Show

My first show of the year – my annual the flow. The more comfortable I am with what I’ve chosen to play, the more comfortable I am being in the moment. I trick myself so I stop worrying about what I’m going to play Click To Tweet So, in a sense, I trick myself so I... read more

Hell’s Angel Harp? In a Pasadena Garden?

(Guest post by Allison Volk – I’m frequently asking my boyfriend if he wants to attend this or that performance. Don’t get me wrong, Colin loves live performance, too, but when I asked him whether he wanted to go to a Deborah Henson-Conant harp concert, his... read more