Ute’s “In the Wings”

I originally wrote my one-woman show “In the Wings (or “What the Hell are you Doing in the Waiting Room for Heaven??”)” in 2008 for a premier at the the Central Square Theater in Cambridge. A year later I performed it in a full-cast version in Seattle. After that... read more

4 Days Before the Show

My first show of the year – my annual the flow. The more comfortable I am with what I’ve chosen to play, the more comfortable I am being in the moment. I trick myself so I stop worrying about what I’m going to play Click To Tweet So, in a sense, I trick myself so I... read more

Hell’s Angel Harp? In a Pasadena Garden?

(Guest post by Allison Volk – I’m frequently asking my boyfriend if he wants to attend this or that performance. Don’t get me wrong, Colin loves live performance, too, but when I asked him whether he wanted to go to a Deborah Henson-Conant harp concert, his... read more

Last-Minute Gifts with Gift Cards

     Tue. Dec. 23, 2014 Happy Holidays!    Did you find the perfect gifts yet? No worries! Sometimes the last-minute is the best-minute – so I put together some gifts that are so fast they don’t even need wrapping! And to make it FUN, I created a bunch of... read more

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