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Demo Video:
Solo / Orchestral / One-Woman Shows / Educational Outreach

This 2-minute video gives an overview of my performances fusing music and story, symphonic shows, one-woman shows and the educational outreach.

Jamming with Steve Vai
A few years ago I got to realize one of my dreams, joining a rock band - but what a rock band I got to join! This was a 4-piece dream-band fronted by guitar legend Steve Vai, and we toured 28 countries in nearly 100 shows. This is a short clip of me jamming onstage with Vai.

"Classical Gas" with Mason Williams
One of the joys of my life as a musician is getting to play with stellar artists like legendary composer, comedian, writer and guitarist, Mason Williams. Here we're playing a duet version of Williams' classic hit "Classical Gas"


"My Vai Homework"
When I learned I was going to tour with guitarist Steve Vai as a member of his band, I figured I'd better do some woodshedding and lo-and-behold I found an online course in the guitar techniques of Steve Vai at Berklee School of Music's Online School (yup, I took an electric guitar course on my harp). This is one of my homework assignments.

DHC's Electric Harp & Gadgets
A casual look at my electric harp and effects pedals, from my studio

Behind the Scenes Movie for the "Invention & Alchemy" project
We won a Grammy Nomination for "Best Classical Crossover Album" for my 2007 original symphonic project "Invention & Alchemy." The disc includes this wonderful 20-minute "Behind the Scenes" documentary by filmmaker Rick DiGregorio

DHC's Solo in Seattle (on tour with Steve Vai)
This is a fan video of my solo during the Steve Vai "Story of Light" tour a few years ago. This was taped in Seattle, one of the nearly 100 shows I played with the incomparable Vai on the world tour for his "Story of Light" album.

Muchas Manos (with percussionist Robert Schulz)
This is a version of my piece "Muchas Manos" -- for harp-four-hands ... and mallets. This performance was part of the chamber ensemble performances to prepare for my Grammy-Nominated symphony project, "Invention & Alchemy" - it was performed at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA (Don't expect hi-fidelity video from this one)

Belinda (What a Lovely Tree)
This is a song I wrote about my favorite tree in the Boston area. I wrote an arrangement of the song for the Arlington High School chorus and we were scheduled to perform it in concert when we learned that the tree was about to be cut down. We met at the tree and sang the song -- this is a video of that performance.

Deepfelt thanks for this video to Arlington High School chorus teacher Cheryl Christo and videographer Mike Chvany.
The tree was decimated early Thanksgiving morning, soon after we recorded this.

Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde ROCK (with Tim Archibald)
A crusty harpist and her uptight butler turn into their own alter-egos with a little help from a magic potion in this short experimental Tim Archibald and I made in my old basement studio in Davis Square, Somervile (MA). I edited it with the first version of Adobe Premiere, and the sound was so bad it was unusable, so Tim, harpist Kyle Oppenheimer and I improvised to the silent movie during a show we did at the Somerville Theater (MA), , taped that and added it as the sound-track. Tech-wise this video doesn't cut the mustard - but it's so fun - and it was my FIRST-EVER silent movie ... with sound.

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Way You Are Blues (solo)

Upbeat Blues with Distorted Harp Solo
(Solo show performance)

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Medium: 1.9 mb
Large: 56mb (Includes spoken intro)


The Wild Harp (with orchestra)

Celtic reel with orchestra
(from the DVD & PBS Special "Invention & Alchemy")

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Land of You (solo)

Atmospheric Ballad 

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Medium: 2.3 mb (DSL/FIOS/Cable)


Baroque Flamenco (with orchestra)

A troupe of Flamenco dancers discovers that their new guitar is a time machine -- but not until they end up crashng a Minuet Pary in Marie Antoinette's Boudoire.
(from the DVD & PBS Special "Invention & Alchemy")

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"Invention & Alchemy" Filming Preview

Preview Trailer

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Large: 22mb
"Final" (23mb)


"Invention & Alchemy" Trailer


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Benjamin Creighton-Griffiths - "New Blues"

One of Deborah's youngest fans plays her piece "New Blues" 

Benjamin plays
New Blues

 Please note: These are silent slideshows. If you can't hear them it doesn't mean there's a problem.

"Invention & Alchemy" Backstage Slideshow

Slideshow of backstage scenes from the filming of "Invention & Alchemy"


Yahoo "Ask the Planet" Event in Times Square

Scenes from Deborah's performance in a giant blue Brain atop the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square - videocast around the planet by 



"Invention & Alchemy" Filming Slideshow

Slideshow of scenes from the filming of "Invention & Alchemy"

1/17/06 - 1mb