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BLUES RIFFS are the coolest-sounding warm-ups you ever played

THE PENTATONIC SCALE opens up a world of BLUESY IMPROV where EVERY note sounds good!


How to BEND Notes and SWING your rhythm

Experience the FREEDOM of playing without
worrying about written notes.

For Lever & Pedal Harpists
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What Harpists say about the
Blues Jam Harp Challenge

My biggest take away was the joy I got from approaching my harp with swing. It was so much fun. I heard it in my head all day long.” (Kathleen M)

“It’s so fun to play with the training band!”(Cindy B)

“As a classical harpist I spent years feeling like “more notes” EQUALS “better” music. These riffs prove that a simple 5 note scale can create something very pleasing to listen to and to play. It was a lot of fun!” (Kate R)

As someone who plays mostly Celtic tunes, I can use these Blues rhythms to keep my playlist interesting and diverse.” (Cami F)

“It was delightfully energizing! My husband, who is in the room, says … he’ll be humming this all day!” (Maryann S)

“It’s SO liberating to not be able to really “make a mistake”. ’cause everything seems to work and sound fine! That’s refreshing!!”. (Jane C)


Experience the power of Riffs to open the door to Improvisation, Blues –  and YOUR creative expression.

Meet your guide, Deborah Henson-Conant

Deborah Henson-Conant is an award-winning, innovator and coach. She’s the recipient of a Grammy-Nomination, NEA Grant, Mass Artist Fellowship and countless commissions and private project grants.

She’s the innovator behind CAMAC’s “DHC” Electric Body Harp and compositions like “The Nightingale,” “New Blues,” “Baroque Flamenco” and “Nataliana.”

She’s performed with artists from Bobby McFerrin, Doc Severinsen and Mason Williams to rock guitar legend Steve Vai – as a soloist with symphonies from the Boston Pops to the Baltimore Symphony – and as a concert artist at the Kennedy Center, Chicago Humanities festival and countless theaters and festival throughout the world.

Her online Academy, “Hip Harp Academy” has trained thousands of harpists worldwide in improvisation, arrangement and performance.

Visioning, goal-setting and creative delivery is an essential part of her work – and in this creative training

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