5-Day Creativity Challenge

A 5-DAY Creative Adventure to Awaken the Music in your Soul

With Grammy-Nominated Composer/Harpist Deborah Henson-Conant

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Make this YOUR Creative Breakthrough Year

It starts with VISION … inspired into ACTION!

In this 5-Day Challenge You Will Discover:

How to think OUTSIDE the box (by first CREATING a box!)

The secrets you discover when you SHARE!

The power of a simple structure to turn your visions into action

 The power of creativity is all about
CONNECTION … not perfection.

Now … for the first time …

In the 5-Day Vision-to-Action Challenge you’ll learn to think outside the box, by first learning to CREATE a box – a container for self-expression – and then learning the fundamental tools of creativity that you can use with any kind of box – real or imagined!

For decades Deborah “DHC” Henson-Conant – an award-winning composer, performer, innovator and master-mentor has been unlocking creative potential for thousands of harpists world-wide in Hip Harp Academy thru the skills of improvisation and performance -giving them the ability to create artistry from any level of skill.

For years this creativity challenge was incubated inside the secret world of the harp. And now – for the first time – we’re opening it up to EVERYONE!

Now, for the first time -whether you’re a musician or a painter, whether you play a harp, a flute, a ukulele or your creativity sings to you through the movement of your feet in dance, or the sizzle of an omelette, the hang of a drape, or running down a forest path – the concepts of music improvisation – distilled and described – can unlock creativity in EVERY part of your life.

In the Vision-to-Action Challenge we invite ALL who long for greater self-expression: both harpists and non-harpists, musicians and non-musicians, to step inside this magical world of self-expression by offering a taste of that same training in creative fundamentals.

Unlock the chance to experience the power of creativity training from a master creative – through a program that empowers YOUR innate creativity – so you express it in EVERYTHING you do.

Embrace YOUR Creativity with the FREE
5-Day “Vision-to-Action” Challenge

Why those with a creative spirit LOVE training with DHC
“I feel so much more confidence now knowing it doesn’t have to be perfect or complicated.
— Fern Nelson (California)
“I’ve been so uplifted throughout the whole year.” — Ruth Shepherd (New South Wales)
“I gave up on being ‘perfect’ and simply allowed myself to play.” — Vera Stern (Toronto, Ontario – Canada)
“I have been sharing harp videos with family and friends which I never would have done before.” — Dilys Williams (British Columbia, Canada)
“I am much more able to just play something that sounds meditative and therapeutic to make people and myself feel good … down to the note resonance!” — Hýldi Vieira (California)

Experience the power of creativity to unlock the doors of inspired action in YOUR life

Five short, simple meditations and trainings connect YOU to your creative vision, mission and values as the music within you moves you into action. 

Meet your guide, Deborah Henson-Conant

Deborah Henson-Conant is an award-winning, innovator and coach. She’s the recipient of a Grammy-Nomination, NEA Grant, Mass Artist Fellowship and countless commissions and private project grants.

She’s the innovator behind CAMAC’s “DHC” Electric Body Harp and compositions like “The Nightingale,” “New Blues,” “Baroque Flamenco” and “Nataliana.”  She’s the composer and author of the award-winning musical “The Golden Cage” and the developer of the “Creative Resonance Project” – the seven principles that anyone can use to turn any creative impulse into a creative expression.

She’s performed with artists from Bobby McFerrin, Doc Severinsen and Mason Williams to rock guitar legend Steve Vai – as a soloist with symphonies from the Boston Pops to the Baltimore Symphony – and as a concert artist at the Kennedy Center, Chicago Humanities festival and countless theaters and festival throughout the world.

Her online Academy, “Hip Harp Academy” has trained thousands of harpists worldwide in improvisation, arrangement and performance – and now she’s bringing her lifetime of creative exploration to expand YOUR creative resonance – in everything you do.

Visioning, goal-setting and creative delivery is an essential part of her work – and in this 5-Day Challenge she shares her system with YOU – to support YOUR creative voice in the world.

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