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Sorry - we're way behind on getting all these on line!
We'll try to get caught up before we hit 2012!

When possible we provide full transcripts of some of Deborah's interviews (along with where to find the published version), as well as audio interviews and podcasts with Deborah.  We don't always keep up-to-date with this page, so this is just a sampling.

Radio Boston Interview (Thu. Nov. 4, 2010- 3pm EST) 
 Arlington Advocate Interview for the Nov. 6th Preview of "Honey, I Shrunk the Harp"

COVER STORY - New Hampshire Union Leader - Weekend Arts Edition - 2/26/09 - this feature article by Julia Ann Weekes previews Deborah's performance, gives an overview of her career and talks about her own struggles to overcomes the stereotypes of the harp, and some of her future plans. You can link to the Cover image (pdf) as well as the full-page Feature Article (pdf).


FEATURE ARTICLE by DHC - FOLKS HARP FOLKS MAGAZINE - Posted 10/14/08 - Deborah wrote the article "The Sound of 500 Hands Playing" for a Fall 2008 issue of Folks Harp Folks Magazine. The article chronicles the journey of her piece "The Guinness 500" from its creation to playing it with 250 harps at the World Harp Congress in Amsterdam in July 2008, where it became one of the pieces in a successful Guinness World Record attempt for largest harp ensemble.

BOSTON METRO REVIEW - "WHAT THE HELL...??" (Review) - Posted 8/18/08 - Nick Dussault of the Boston Metro reviews the world premiere of Deborah's one-woman music-theatre experience "What the Hell are You Doing in the Waiting Room for Heaven...??" at the Central Square Theater (August 13-23, 2008).

IBIS RADIO / WMBR REVIEW - "WHAT THE HELL...??" (Review) - Posted 8/18/08 - Dave Goodman of IBIS Radio reviews the world premiere of Deborah's one-woman music-theatre experience "What the Hell are You Doing in the Waiting Room for Heaven...??" at the Central Square Theater (August 13-23, 2008).

RADIO INTERVIEW - RADIO WITH A VIEW - WMBR RADIO (.m3u) (Audio Interview) - Posted 8/13/08 - Deborah is interviewed about her new show, "What the Hell...??", for WMBR's "Radio with a View," hosted by Marc Stern and David Goodman. The interview begins at the 01:37:28 mark (there is a lot more other material before it). If the .m3u file we are linking to above doens't work, you can go directy to the Open Media Boston website.

FEATURE ARTICLE by DHC - FOLK HARP JOURNAL (PDF - 1.57mb) - Posted 5/21/08 - Deborah's article "Fine Tuning Performance" is featured in the Summer 2008 issue of the Folk Harp Journal (with Deborah on the cover). You can read the PDF of the full, printed article here. If you prefer an HTML version of just the article, click here.

FEATURE ARTICLE by DHC - AMERICAN HARP JOURNAL - Posted 2/29/08 - Deborah's article "Some Thoughts on Playing the Harp, Playing Jazz and Composing" is featured in the Winter 2007 issue of the American Harp Journal. You can read the full, original article here.

RADIO INTERVIEW - COMPOSING THOUGHTS- WITF RADIO (Audio Interview) - Posted 3/6/08 - Deborah is interviewed by WITF's John Clare for the show "Composing Thoughts," which is scheduled to air the week of March 10, 2008. The interview, once aired, will be available for dowload at the "Composing Thoughts" Blog.

PERFORMANCE PREVIEW - THE HIPPO (Preview) - "Flaming Electric Harp: Grammy-nominated harpist brings big stories, big sound to Tupelo" by Alec O'Meara - Posted 3/6/08 - The Hippo (NH) interviews Deborah about her new harp and previews her February 23, 2008 performance at Tupelo Music Hall.

PERFORMANCE PREVIEW - THE SUN (Preview) - "The Queen of Hip-Harp" by Brett Cromwell - Posted 3/6/08 - The Sun (MA) interviews Deborah about her music and previews her February 23, 2008 performance at Tupelo Music Hall.


PERFORMANCE PREVIEW - SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE (Preview) - "Harp with a 'tude" by Steve Echeverria - Posted 10/18/07 - The Sarasota Herald Tribune interviews Deborah and previews her October 20, 2007 performance with the Florida West Coast Symphony. Also, be sure to check out the accompanying podcast of Deborah's interview with Steve Echeverria.

COVER STORY - INTERNATIONAL MUSICIAN (Feature Interview) - Posted 9/12/07 - Deborah is featured on the cover of the September 2007 International Musician Magazine. Read the Feature Story to learn about Deborah's personal relationship with the harp, her views on spontaneous invention and how to follow your heart, regardless of the pitfalls along the way. Read a transcript of the full interview for more about Deborah's connection to the harp, the preparation and execution of her "Invention & Alchemy" project and her advice to other musicians just starting out,

PODCAST - "WHO WILL SING FOR THE NIGHTINGALE?" (.mp3) (Radio Piece) - Posted 7/20/07 - Ever since she was a little girl, Deborah has heard the same voice singing in her head...Listen to Deborah and Tony Kahn as they uncover the story of "The Nightingale" -- in a radio piece that originally aired on July 24, 2007 on WGBH Boston's "Morning Stories."

RADIO INTERVIEW/PERFORMANCE - MAINE THINGS CONSIDERED - MPBN RADIO (.mp3) (Audio Interview) - Posted 7/20/07 - Deborah does a tour of her harp -- performing the various nuances of her instrument -- and talks briefly about her ties to Maine in this 8-minute clip. (Thank you to Betty Widerski for this edited version)

DHC WITH THE BINGHAMTON PHILHARMONIC (Review) - Posted 5/23/07 - Sarah D'esti Miller of the Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin reviews Deborah's May 19, 2007 performance with the Binghamton Philharmonic.

LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW - BILL SNYDER - WSKG (.mp3) (Audio Interview) - Posted 5/23/07 - Before performing with the Binghamton Philharmonic, Deborah sits down to talk with WSKG's Bill Snyder about the show, her harp, and everything in between.

FEATURE ARTICLE - WORLD MUSIC CENTRAL (Feature Article) - "Hip Harpist Deborah Henson-Conant Defies Categorization and Transforms Ancient Instrument" - Posted 5/23/07 - World Music Central features Deborah on their online music website.

PERFORMANCE PREVIEW - PRESS & SUN BULLETIN (Preview) - "After Saturday, you'll never hear -- or see -- a harp in the same way" by Sarah D'esti Miller - Posted 5/23/07 - The Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin interviews Deborah and previews her May 19, 2007 performance with the Binghamton Philharmonic.

PERFORMANCE PREVIEW - HULIQ BREAKING NEWS (Preview) - "Syracuse Symphony Hosts Deborah Henson-Conant" - Posted 5/23/07 -, a leader in breaking news online, features a performance preview of Deborah's orchestral shows with the Syracuse Symphony, with comments from SSO Conductor Grant Cooper.

SHE UNLIMITED PODCAST (.mp3) (Audio Interview) - Posted 4/17/07 - SheUnlimited, an online magazine with a global audience that focuses on "cutting-edge" features about women, talks to Deborah in this 20-minute interview.

SHE UNLIMITED (Interview) - Posted 4/9/07 - SheUnlimited, an online magazine with a global audience that focuses on "cutting-edge" features about women, interviews Deborah about the inspirations behind her songs, her backstage rituals, her dream collaborators, the influences behind "Invention & Alchemy," and more.

COLLEGE OF MARIN (Interview) - Posted 4/9/07 - The college where Deborah studied music interviews her about her best and worst moments, how the College of Marin influenced her musical choices, her days as a young musician, what advice she would give to others pursuing the same path, and more. Head to the College of Marin website to learn more about the school.


HARP COLUMN (cover PDF - 2mb) (Part 1 PDF - 2.1mb) (Part 2 PDF - 3.8mb) (Cover Feature Article) - Posted 10/30/07: Deborah was featured on the cover of the July/August 2006 issue of Harp Column, with a full multi-paged feature article inside. Above are links to the Cover Art, Part 1 of the article and Part 2 (they are broken up because of the size of the PDFs). Be sure to zoom in to the PDFs to read the text.

WOODY WOODLAND (Interview) - Posted 11/21/06 - Woody Woodland is a fun, down-to-earth interviewer and Deborah had so much fun in this interview, we wanted to post it. Watch out, though - right now it's 26mb on the disc. If we figure out how to make it smaller we will!. AUDIO: mp3 (26mb)

RADIO SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL (.mp3) (Interview) - Taped 11/8/06 - DHC fans will love this 5-minute segment on the Burnt Food Museum with host Melanie Yip of Radio Singapore International's "Potluck." If you don't want to listen, you can also read the transcript of the interview.

Sylvia Woods Harp Center - Top 15 Reasons to Buy "Invention & Alchemy" (Product Review) 8/1/06: The Sylvia Woods Harp Center spells out 15 reasons why every harpist and YOU need to have Deborah's new DVD - Flexible Tools  (Product Feature Article - Tech) 5/17/06: explores the making of "Invention & Alchemy" DVD & CD and Producer Jonathan Wyner's the use of Apple computers and tools throughout the process. - No Harping On Stereotypes (Product Feature Article - Content) 5/17/06: explores the making of "Invention & Alchemy" DVD & CD and the breaking of stereotypes.

7/12/06: Grand Rapids - Jeff Kaczmarczyk Review (Product Review) 7/12/06:
This is a press review of "Invention & Alchemy," Deborah's DVD with Conductor David Lockington
and the Grand Rapids Symphony.

6/24/06: - Charles Hill Review (Product Review) 6/24/06:
A fan review of the "Invention & Alchemy" DVD that appeared in Charles Hill's blog on

2005 and before

10/5/03: Grand Rapids - Jeff Kaczmarczyk Review (JPG)
This is a review of Deborah's performance in the Kaleidoscope Series Concert for the St. Cecilia Music Society.

8/21/01: Scotsman/Metro Reviews (Edinburgh) (PDF)
These are two reviews of DHC from her 2001 Edinburgh Festival Fringe appearance, where she performed her one-woman show, "Hip Harp Fantasies."

3/17/01: Grand Rapids - Jeff Kaczmarczyk Review (JPG)
A review of DHC's peformance with the Grand Rapids Symphony during their '01 Pops Concert Series.

2/12/01: SASEG/Springfield - Springfield Union Review (PDF)
A review of DHC with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra after her Pops Concert performance of her original work, "Stress Analysis of a Strapless Evening Gown."

7/9/99: Grand Rapids - Jeff Kaczmarczyk Review (PDF)
A review from DHC's performance with the Grand Rapids Symphony at the Bank One Picnic Pops Concert.