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Hip Harp Academy

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Hip Harp Academy is a multi-level membership for harp players who want to liberate themselves from the written page.

Scroll down for yearly schedule of courses guided personally by Deborah Henson-Conant.


Hip Harp Academy

Hip Harp Academy is a multi-level membership for harp players who want to liberate themselves from the written page.

Scroll down to see the yearly schedule of courses guided personally by Deborah Henson-Conant.

Next guided program: “Strings of Passion” begins January 16, 2018. If you’re joining the full yearlong Academy, you can pre-register now.

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The first Academy Course of 2018 is Strings of Passion

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REGISTRATION for the First Course of 2018 ENDS MIDNIGHT JAN. 24








What if you had it all …
and you didn’t know how to use it?

That’s what it’s like for most harp players

If you play the harp, you probably think you need to develop faster technique or more skills in order to play ‘better.’

But that’s a myth

The truth is that you just DON’T KNOW HOW to use what you ALREADY HAVE!

You’re stuck to the page because you haven’t been taught how music ‘works’. This goes for advanced and professional as well as fledgling or intermediate players.

You just don’t know how to use what you already have.

Group of students around harp

Well, that’s all about to change!

DHC playing the harp
My new “Hip Harp Academy” is all about teaching you how to express yourSELF with your instrument at the technical ability you have right now, this very minute – and the Full membership level gives you access to all the online courses I’ve created in the past four years.

That means you’ll spend a whole year with me, developing your repertoire of self-expression.

For advanced players that means you’ll learn to improvise and really have fun with those ‘chops’ you’ve spent your life developing. For fledgling players it means learning  alternatives to your technical challenges so you can play fluently and creatively right now using the skills you do have.

For everyone it means learning the double-power of simplifying and embellishing so every piece you play continues to expand as you get more and more comfortable with your instrument … and yourself.

Hip Harp Academy has 3 Levels

Hip Harp Academy is a multi-level membership site that connects you to everything I create for my Hip Harp community – free or paid. There are 3 Academy Levels:


The free level gives you access to great free trainings like “HaRpy Birthday,” “Looper Lesson” plus worksheet, playsheets and other resources just for harp players.  Register by signing up for my DHC Freebies

2. “FULL” or “CORE” LEVEL:

“FULL” or “CORE” Level  gives you a year-long membership to the full “Hip Harp Academy” core-level curriculum including Hip Harp Toolkit, Hands-On Harmony, Blues HarpStyle, Summer Harp Jam, Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page, Strings of Passion (Beta) and all the “Beyond the Page” courses as well as many mini-courses and webinars. Register Below


HARNESS YOUR MUSE is my year-long application-only mentorship and mastermind group.  Get more info and apply here at HarnessYourMuse.com.

HipHarp Academy FULL-LEVEL Classes

Below is a peek at what what the Hip Harp Academy Full-Level Dashboard looks like (these are just images – they’re not clickable).  Each of these icons represents a different course.  You can take them at your own pace any time — OR you can follow the yearly schedule where I personally guide you through each one with weekly lessons, homework projects and live chats … or you can do both!

You can take ALL the classes – or just the ones you’re interested in – and since I priced the full-Academy-year at the same price as what the main course used to cost, even if you just join 1 or 2 classes a year, you come out ahead.  And, of course, I’m thrilled if you take all of them and join the guided group.

It’s time to take what you already know …
and express yourSELF with it!

tait-blythe-350pix“This was the single most important musical course I have ever done in years of learning harp, and I would recommend it to anyone at any musical level.

To begin with, the course was absolutely jam-packed with incredible information, from beginning to end. Deborah’s information is carefully structured so that anyone at any level can work with the concepts … and the concepts I learned have become integral to my harping experience, like a kind of ‘harping code’.

I had been searching for this information for years, going from teacher to teacher, but with this one course, Deborah gave me all the tools I needed for arranging music.” -BLYTHE TAIT (Australia)

What if this is the beginning of the greatest creative adventure of your lifetime?

—Deborah Henson-Conant

I’m Deborah Henson-Conant and I’ve created the Hip Harp Academy just for YOU, the impassioned harp player.dhccircle

I’ve spent my life committed to creating new works for the harp, and to creating a new HARP — the “DHC” electric harp by CAMAC harps – and to empowering our worldwide harp tribe with new music, new ways of learning and new images of what it means to be a harp player.

What if I told you that you already have what you need to express yourself fully with your instrument – no matter what level – and you can start right now?”

It has to do with letting GO of what you think you need to do?

You’ve worked hard to get your instrument and learn everything you’ve already learned. It’s finally time to put everything you’ve learned – and everything you are – into full expression!  I will show you how in the Hip Harp Academy.

You can learn more about me and my experience HERE.

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Here’s what students of all levels say about DHC’s online learning:

king-kathyPraise for the “New Blues Beyond the Page” mini-course ~ where you go behind-the-scenes to learn the secrets of playing one of my most popular compositions

“As an adult beginner on harp, I thought your “New Blues” was way too hard for me, but after I took ‘New Blues Beyond the Page’ I realized I CAN PLAY IT!”

hagen-sollie-annette-bfbc-quotePraise for the “Play with Passion” (“Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page”) course ~ where we break apart another of my most popular compositions so you can create your own version.

“My sheet music has always been my safety net, and I couldn’t imagine myself to perform anything by memory. But when you broke Baroque Flamenco down into small pieces, it all felt so simple. I felt so safe. Thank you so much for making me do something that I thought was impossible.”


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The Academy is Currently open for At-Your-Own-Pace Learning Only 

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YOUR COST:  $997  $897 

For the FULL YEAR of Academy Curriculum

Payment Plan? Check it out in the order form when you click the button below


This is the training I wish I’d had when my harp journey began. It took me years to learn each of these concepts that I’ve now distilled into the programs in this course.   The Academy is  like a creative university in the art of developing as a musician.

A. Ongoing courses to give you new REPERTOIRE, TOOLS and INSPIRATION throughout year

Take all the courses in this YEAR-LONG CURRICULUM – or just take the ones you want. Each new course is a new beginning, so you can’t fall behind. You’re always right on time.

I personally guide you through the curriculum  — and each guided course includes weekly Q&A chats, plus replays if you can’t make it live.  Do you prefer going at your own pace?  You can take the courses on your own anytime, and review as much as you want throughout your membership.

These are the projected dates of the GUIDED Programs.  Almost all the programs are now available now for “At Your Own Pace” learning

  • “Strings of Passion” (Jan. 2018):  This is the foundational MINDSET course of Hip Harp Academy: a 10-Week creative expression course that takes you on a journey to the center of  your creative expression. You’ll develop your own daily creative practice with prompts, meditations and a workbook full of creative exercises. Most importantly you’ll have guidance and the chance to show your work and ask question. ($997when purchased separately)
  • “Blues Harp-Style” (2018 Dates TBA):  Learn a low-down Blues, a Boogie-Woogie Bassline and even a slow and sweet blues you can play in therapeutic situations. This is a great program for building a repertoire of fun tunes and learning to jam with others. It’s also a great course for harp ensembles ($597 when purchased separately)
  • “Blues by the Dozen” (“At Your Own Pace”):  A 12-day Blues Challenge to play a new Blues Melody each day and post your rendition by the next morning, using the techniques you learned in “Blues HarpStyle” ($297 Value)
  • “Summer Harp Jam” (2018 Dates TBA): In this fun, light summer program you’ll learn to jam alone or with others in this playalong virtual Summer Camp for Harpists – no homework, no stress – this is all about having fun and playing along in the moment (this is also a GREAT program for people who want to start playing with loopers.  Many of the jams you’ll learn in the course can be used with a looper pedal). ($579 when purchased separately)
  • “Hands on Harmony” (Available year-round for self-paced learning): This essential course is always available for “at your own pace” learning because it gives you a theory and harmony foundation specifically for HARP – with hands-on exercises that get the harmony directly into your fingers.  Once or twice a year I run a virtual retreat where we go through it all together, and you can ask questions when I’m there live to answer them.  ($297 when purchased separately)
  • ‘Baroque Flamenco’ Beyond the Page” (Sept. 12 – Oct. 12):  You’ll learn to play one of the pieces that won me a Grammy Nomination – and take it beyond the page so you can play it as a fiery showpiece or a contemplative fantasia at your own level – simplified for fledglings – or all the bells and whistles for advanced. ($497 when purchased separately)
  • Hip Harp Toolkit (including “Arrange Yourself”) (Oct 19 – Dec. 12):  – This is the Academy’s foundational 8-week ARRANGEMENT program that teaches you to create impromptu arrangements from any simple tune. This is the most powerful skill you can have for developing repertoire, expanding or simplifying pieces and gaining an understanding of the “DHC Method” of spontaneous arrangement. This course also gives you the foundation of basic jazz arrangement structure, but without the complexity of jazz harmonies or rhythms – so it’s an important prerequisite for any jazz harp training, as well as a powerful tool for creating meditative arrangements. ($797when purchased separately)
  • “‘New Blues’ Beyond the Page” (TBD): Learn to make your own arrangement of one of my most popular tunes so you can add everything you learned in “Blues Harp-Style!” ($197 Value – not currenty available outside the yearlong Academy curriculum)
  • “‘The Nightingale’ Beyond the Page” (TBD): A brand new program that breaks down my most requested piece so that you can easily memorize it, simplify it and see where you can build in your own improvisation  ($147 Value – not currenly available outside the yearlong Academy curriculum)
  • Always Available in the Academy FULL Level: Quick-Technique Courses like “Loopers” and “Amplification,” an all-day Virtual “Hands on Harmony” retreat plus shorter “Beyond the Page” courses and challenges.

The schedule may shift a little during the year, especially if I add a new course (which students sometimes convince me to do!) but these are all the courses currently in the curriculum for you!

B. Resources to CONNECT and EMPOWER you

  • Blueprints, Cheat-sheets & Playsheets like the “Arrange-o-Matic” and “Left Hand Pattern CheatSheet” (Value $397)
  • “Innerplay” mindset mini-Course (Value $97)
  • Creating Conducive Conditions” mini-course to help you make the most of your practice time. (Value $97)

C. Games, Challenges & Reviews to help you INTEGRATE what you learn

Fun programs to challenge you and help you integrate and implement everything you learn including:

  • Course Reviews after each course  (Value $397)
  • Sharing Challenges like the ‘Holiday Challenge” to create a shareable musical greeting card to send your friends and family (Value $397)

D. MEMBERSHIP in a powerful international CREATIVE COMMUNITY

Through the private Academy Facebook Group you’ll connect with impassioned harp players from all around the world (Value $497)

E. Your chance to work with a legendary MASTER TEACHER in the harp world

You get to work directly with a Grammy-Nominated creative innovator, a master teacher, performer, composer and arranger who plays YOUR INSTRUMENT and can help you develop YOUR personal style of harp playing through the “DHC Method” and the full Hip Harp Curriculum. (Value – Incalculable)


YOUR COST: $997  $897

For the FULL YEAR of Academy Curriculum

Yup! The cost for the FULL YEAR of the Academy is $997 $897

Need a Payment Plan? Check it out in the order form when you click the button below

Got Questions?  Use the Ask-a-Question form



For the FULL YEAR of Academy Curriculum
Including ALL Full-Level Courses

Need a Payment Plan? Check it out in the order form when you click the button below

Got Questions?  Use the Ask-a-Question form

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You’ll get Free Mini-Trainings and know first about upcoming trainings


How long is the Hip Harp Academy?

You are signing up for a 12 month commitment when you sign up with the Hip Harp Academy. That means that you can take any or ALL of the courses in Hip Harp Academy, either at your own pace or in the guided interactive versions I’ll be leading — or BOTH — at any time, or as many times as you want for the whole year!  If you renew your membership at the end of that year, then you’ll get another whole year of access.

You can join the Academy any time and get 24/7 access to all the learning modules to learn at your own page BUT we recommend starting when the guided courses begin, which happens several times throughout the year. That means you’ll be able to ask questions about the modules during the chats that take place only when guided classes are being run.

What if I’m not Tech-Savvy … or a downright Technophobe??
Even people who consider themselves completely non-tech-savvy have said they’re able to access and enjoy the course. Some people even say that one of the big benefits of the course is getting more comfortable with online tech formats!

Most course modules are provided in 4 formats including ‘lower-tech’ versions (audio files and PDFs) that you can download to your own computer so you don’t need to use interactive software like streaming.

  1. Video: Streaming Video
  2. Audio: Downloadable Audio versions of the videos
  3. OnScreen Content: On-Screen Text & Images
  4. PDFs: Many classes also include a downloadable PDF version of the text & images that are on the screen. Some include simpified cheat-sheets, overviews or playsheets instead.

One of the things technophobes (like I was!) love about my courses is that they become so more web-and-tech savvy just by taking the course. If you’re taking the VIP add-on, and submitting videos for me to give feedback on, we even have a short video tutorial to help you learn to create videos, submit them to YouTube and keep them out of the public eye!

Do I have to do homework?
I encourage everyone to do the homework or as I like to call it “FUNWORK”, because each homework assignment guides you step by step through the courses. Almost all the homework includes creating a short video. All the videos are short – no more than 90 seconds. For the lucky 25 who have VIP access, I will provide personal feedback on your homework (that will include 18 personalized feedback videos plus feedback on your final projects)
Are ALL the courses already available right now? If I wanted to hunker down and take them all in the first month could I do that?
Yes and no.  We’re currently moving all the courses from the old classrooms into the Academy.  Realistically, moving everything may take us ‘til the end of the year BUT people who need access to a particular course because of material they’re currently preparing can get immediate access to any of the older classrooms where they can immediately go through it all at their own pace.
What Courses are actually included in the Academy?
Hip Harp Academy includes access to all these online courses plus live chats and webinars:

  • Hip Harp Toolkit (“Arrange Yourself”) – Learn all the basics of impromptu arrangement so you can take any basic tune and create a spontaneous arrangement (includes focus on therapeutic arrangements) (Learn more at the “Hip Harp Toolkit” Info Page)
  • Hands on Harmony – Get a theory and harmony foundation from a harpist’s perspective!  (Learn more at the “Hands on Harmony” Info Page.
  • Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page – Learn to play this expressive piece either as a fiery showpiece or a comtemplative fantasia
  • Summer Harp Jam – Learn some of the simplest, most useful and most fun tiny improvisation forms that you can add as intros, endings and interludes in any piece — or turn into a full improvisation or jam.  (Learn more at the “Summer Harp Jam” Info Page)
  • Blues HarpStyle – learn to play one of the most fun, expressive forms of music for solo playing – or playing with others
  • New Blues Beyond the Page – this is a brand new course I created just for students in the Academy as a companion to “Blues HarpStyle” (so there’s no public info page).  You’ll learn a simplified version of my composition “New Blues” – and how to add all the tricks you learned in “Blues Harp-Style”
  • Strings of Passion – this is a brand new program I’m developing in 2017 and everyone in the Academy will have the chance to participate in the debut Beta program, though it may be moved out of the Academy later on – so if you want to get it for free, make sure to sign up for “Hip Harp Academy” now.
  • Additional “Beyond the Page” mini-courses


  • Blueprints, Cheat-sheets & Playsheets like the “Arrange-o-Matic” and “Left Hand Pattern CheatSheet”
  • An “Innerplay” mindset course
  • New One-hour Mini-Courses throughout the year
  • Fun arrangement and performance challenges after each course ends, to help implement and share what you’ve learned
  • Access to a powerful international community of impassioned learners and players

MY GOAL is to give you everything I can to help you learn and implement the ‘DHC Method” so you can express yourSELF with your instrument at whatever technical level you’re at right now and be able to adapt to both changing environments and to your own developing abilitiies

When are the courses available and for how long?
The courses are available all the time for people who want to go at their own pace, and they’re available as long as you remain a member of the Academy – so once you purchase your membership, they’re available for a whole year.  If you renew your membership in October 2017 they’ll be available for another year.

In addition to being able to go through the courses at your own pace whenever you want, I will ALSO be running “Interactive” versions of each course on a schedule throughout the year.  Once you’re in the Academy, you can choose either option – or both – whatever makes the learning work for you.

How do the “levels” of the Academy work?
The Academy is a Yearlong Membership program with THREE LEVELS

  1. FREE LEVEL includes fun resources everyone can enjoy (and you can stay in FREE LEVEL as long as you like – whether you renew your other membership levels or not)
  2. FULL LEVEL includes all the online courses I’ve created in the past 4 years (you can see them listed below) PLUS additional “Beyond the Page” courses I’ll create throughout the year.  Each of the main courses runs for 4-8 weeks plus review and implementation weeks. When you join at FULL level, you can take any of the courses at your own pace any time OR join the guided interactive versions of the courses OR do BOTH.
  3. VIP LEVEL – the VIP is an ADD-ON to Full Academy Membership.  VIP gives you access to several “VIP” only chats, plus DHC’s personalized feedback on up to 18 homework videos you will submit, along with personalized feedback on your final projects.

Is there any way to see inside the Academy to get an idea how it’s set up?
YES!!  You can sign up for my FREE “HaRpy Birthday” mini-training (https://pr205.isrefer.com/go/HBF/DHC/) and you’ll get right into the FREE level of the Academy where you’ll see how it’s all set up.
What if I live in a timezone that makes it difficult for me to attend ‘live’ events? Will they be videotaped for replay?
The answer is: Yes and Yes!

  • The TRAINING MODULES are all already all videotaped, and we’re just transferring them to the new classroom now (but there’s a lot of content so we’re doing it class by class)
  • Any LIVE CHATS and EVENTS will be videotaped (barring major equipment gremlins) — and the replays will be available to everyone who has FULL membership.  For people who want to ask questions but can’t make the live chats, you’ll be able to submit your questions in advance via the “Ask a Question” form

Exactly what is the cost and does any discount come AFTER the $997 yearly membership or does that price include the discount.

The regular yearly membership is $997. If you have a discount code, it reduces that price.  More importantly, once you use a discount code, that price is grandfathered in – and your price will remain the same for as long as you keep renewing your membership in consecutive years.

If I join the Academy with a discount, can I rejoin in following years at the same discounted price?
Yes – once you purchase, your price is ‘grandfathered in’ (it will remain the same) as long as you remain in the academy in consecutive years.  So if you keep renewing each year, you keep the same price (that’s why I’m really encouraging everyone to jump in now!). That goes for both “Full” and “VIP” — but not for other programs like “Harness Your Muse” or “Jazz Masterclasses.”
Can I apply a discount to upgrades in following years?
FULL QUESTION: If I use a discount to purchase the FULL Academy, can I apply it to an upgrade (like VIP or JAZZ or HARNESS YOUR MUSE) in following years? Or is it only to be used for the same level as FULL again?

ANSWER: Great question!  Discounts only apply to FULL and VIP – and only what you invest in now.  So if you’re interested in VIP, this is the time to lock that in, because that discounted price gets locked in if you decide to do VIP again the following year, and it will stay locked in as long as you continue to renew in consecutive years

Do you provide payment plans?
YES – right now there is.  That may go away at some point, but right now we have a 12-month payment plan which gives you the option to spread out your payments throughout the year.  Remember that you’ll save money if you pay in full because there’s a small finance charge on payment plan – but when you use your discount, that finance charge goes down by the same discounted amount, too.
Can I get a Refund?
We operate a strict no-refund policy.  Join the community, take action, invest your heart and soul in our own creative expression and you’ll never want to leave, let alone a refund… trust me!
Next Question
The next question might be the one you have!  So if I the answer to your question isn’t listed above, send it via my “Ask a Question” form and I’ll try to answer as soon as I can!


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