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This Week Starts: TUE. MAY 25 - Ends: TUE. June 1

  • We're on Module 2 of "Blues Harp-Style" .This is a guided class, so we're all going through it together & you should get weekly emails in Tuesdays to remind you where we are. If you're not getting those - let me know using the "Ask a Question" form in the sidebar.
  • Each module opens on Tuesday at Noon EDT Click here to visit the classroom and look in the menu bar of the class itself to get to each module.
  • Homework is due Midnight Sunday EDT - Homework submission form is in the sidebar or at the bottom of the homework page
  • Fill out the Best Chat Times Survey (if you haven't already):

Happening this week:

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[Updated May 26, 2020 / Clarise]

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