Hip Harp Academy is a yearlong program, so when you sign up you’re signing up for the whole year, so don’t worry if you don’t get everything.  If you fall behind in one class, you can either catch up at your own pace or just drop out and start again when the next guided class begins, since each guided class is on a different subject and doesn’t require any prerequisites – and once the classes are open, you have full access to review them at your own pace.

I don’t expect everyone in the Academy to take every class.  I expect people to pick and choose the courses they want, or the ones that fit your schedule.  Some people will likely just take the first few modules of each course – and that’s great, too –  because you’re getting a great rounded experience if you do that, and each class is full of ideas you can use. 

Most people like to repeat each course at least once, because that really solidifies the material.  I’ll be GUIDING each of the classes throughout the year, and in the GUIDED versions, I invite the whole Academy to join me to go through the modules together, and we have weekly chats about the material we’re currently working on. 

Some people just prefer to take all the Academy classes at their own pace.   So if you feel like you’re not investing yourself in the current class the way you want (because sometimes life just happens) – don’t worry – that’s normal.  That’s why there are classes starting all throughout the year, and why they’re open for review at your own pace afterwards.  The yearly membership price is the same as the single main course used to cost on its own, so if you only take 1 or 2 courses in the whole year, you’re still ahead of the game.