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The most recent ones are listed first – and we’re still missing some – but working on it!
We’re trying to reorganize this page because there were so many videos on it it was taking too long to load.  So you can link to the more recent videos from the bullet list below, and for now the older videos are still loading down below.

[11] “Stride Bass Meets Satie”

Tue. Apr. 28, 2020 ~ 4:30 pm EDT

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Heather asked for a way to practice the stride bass so I came up with a simple two-chord pattern that we could practice with — one that can be used in a meditative improv, or a more rhythmic improv.

[12] “Baroque Flamenco Simple-Form Improv & Workout”

Thu. Apr. 30, 2020 ~ 4:30 pm EDT

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To get our energy up today, we learned a simplified version of the basic “Baroque Flamenco” form, and how to shift between the two sections, then did a playing workout playing through it.

[09] Blues Workout in D Dorian: 12 Bars Alternating Bass, Comping & Pentatonic Melody

Tue. Apr. 21, 2020 ~ 4:30 pm EDT

[10] G Blues Groove Workout – Bass-Comp-Melody

Thu. Apr. 23, 2020 ~ 4:30 pm EDT

[07] Amin-to-Dmin Bassline Groove

Tue. Apr. 14, 2020 ~ 4:30 pm EDT

[08] 1-4-1-5 Funky Groove Playalong in C

Thu. Apr. 16, 2020 ~ 4:30 pm EDT

[05] D min > A min Vamp

Tue. Apr. 7, 2020 ~ 4:30 pm EDT

[06] Califypso

Thu. Apr. 9, 2020 ~ 4:30 pm EDT

[03] “Minor Blues” Call & Response 

Tue. Mar. 31, 2020 ~ 4:30 pm EDT

[04] “2514736” Bossa

Thu. Apr. 2, 2020 ~ 4:30 pm EDT

[01] “2516” Call & Response Vamp

Tue. Mar. 24, 2020 ~ 4:30 pm EDT

[02] “2516” Modulating (C&G)

Thu. Mar. 26, 2020 ~ 4:30 pm EDT

Open Me for Some Important Notes

After this session, we all realized that the session would have been easier if everyone had the following little map

1. PLAY the 2516-2511* Progression in the Key of C for 8 Bars: Dm  G  C  Am  –  Dm G  C  C 

2. “Transition” in the relative minor while changing your levers or pedals (change F’s to F#’s) for 8 bars:  Am 

3. PLAY Ithe 2516-2511* Progression in the Key of G for 8 Bars: Am  D  G  Em – Am  D G  G

4. “Transition” in the relative minor while changing your levers (change F#’s to F’s) for 8 bars: Em

Rinse & Repeat (but don’t actually rinse)

We realize that we’d like to have a more gracious transition in future sessions but everyone liked knowing that you can modulate into a new key using the “two-five-one”

*in official musical writing this would probably look more like this:  ii  V  I   vi   –   ii   V   I   I

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