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This Week Starts: TUE. July 7 - Ends: TUE. July 13

We're 'officially' between classes: We’re still running “One Song: The Nightingale” LIVE and “Harp Time Live with DHC. Although, we will NOT be meeting again for “One Song: The Nightingale” LIVE and “Harp Time Live with DHC” until after July 12th to prepare for this weekend’s STREAMING PREMIER of “Invention & Alchemy”. 

Please help us share the message of this full-length concert video that will uplift and inspire in this time when that is so deeply needed!

  1. RSVP for this FREE event: https://bit.ly/IA-RSVP
  2. Watch the Trailer: https://youtu.be/RrGJzxbpgIA
  3. Share them both with all your friends and family!

This is also a great time to go back and watch some of the more recent replays!  

Here's What's Coming Up:

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[Updated July 7, 2020 / Clarise]

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