HipHarpAcademy.com PresentsDeborah Henson-Conant’s 10-Week Online Creativity Program

for Harpists and other Daring Creatives

“Strings of Passion”

Join this amazing group of talented musicians
who found THEIR Strings of Passion

This Class is Currently Available Only with
full Membership in Hip Harp Academy

“Strings of Passion” is a 10-Week program of discovery to the heart of your creative resonance, your inner instrument – the you that you bring to everything you do. It’s about learning to hear yourself, feel yourself, remember yourself – and then SHARE yourself. That’s your creative expression.

This program gives you a structured system to develop your unique creative expression. It’s also about developing your personal creative practice– not practicING to get something ‘right’ – but a daily practice that develops a rich creative resonance in every area of your life – from your everyday conversations to how you express yourself artistically.

“Strings of Passion” is available as a single class or as part of your Hip Harp Academy Membership. Click here to learn more about Academy Membership.

I’ve shared these concepts around the world in concerts, talks, retreat – and now it’s available to YOU, online.


Discover YOUR Passion

Passion can be gentle and quiet – or bold and dramatic. It can be like showing off, like revealing your inner Diva – or like holding something sacred and secret.  It can be a whisper or a shout of joy

Passion is connecting with your deepest artistic impulses – whatever they are – and expressing them with body, mind and soul. If you’re a musician it means letting your passion resonate through your instrument – your physical instrument that other people experience – and the strings of your inner instrument – your strings of passion.

What people are saying about “Strings of Passion”

“I love the simplicity! Yet it’s very powerful and heartfelt” (S. W.)

“I love the idea of being physically involved in the music instead of the constraint that is taught in classical music.” (J.H.)

 “I love the idea that experimenting with a simple practice and letting go of what it sounds like – it helps to develop fluidity with the fingers, traversing “mistakes”, and bring forth some amazing surprising results.

Note to self: open yourself to DISCOVERY(P.D.)

“Stories unfolding, ideas, blocks being tumbled down like kiddie structures…It feels like waking up to my own artist’s soul after a very long sleep. The passion is the process!” [SJB]

“I am loving dipping into the Creativity Gym so far two days in a row! … it felt like an inkling of what it would be to play by resonating with the depths of my passion.” (C.R.)

“The soundscapes are really fun! … It is a relief to not feel responsible for lots of notes – but to listen for how one note resonates” (M.B.)

“I am only FIVE minutes into watching the String of Passion chat replay, and already I feel like crying, I feel moved, I feel inspired and a longing and a yearning... Deborah, you are such a connector, an inspirer, such a teacher. [B.T]


What are the 7 Strings of Passion?

In this 10-week program I’ll share the 7 strings of passion and how they resonate in your life and your music.

Like each octave of a harp, there are seven strings of passion, seven principles that take you from creative IMPULSE to creative EXPRESSION. No matter what you’re creating … no matter what your technical ability. These are the seven principles that bring creative expression alive and enrich your Creative Resonance.

Finding your passion is about connecting to these strings.

1. IMPULSE:  You’ll reconnect with your first, your deepest, your most secret creative impulses – allowing you to step out of your “thinking” and “judging” and step into pure, unfiltered “play” (in every sense of the word!).

2. STRUCTURE: You’ll discover the simple, beautiful structures that create a path for your musical journey to follow.

3. CHARACTERYou’ll reveal the hidden richness of your inner world, and discover how to invite others into that world through your music. 

4. ROLES: You’ll discover that learning a ‘role’ helps you quickly find ways to play with other people (anyone playing in an ensemble – this is pure GOLD!) — and the hidden power of “followship” (yes, it’s the inner secret to great leadership!) – is what allows you to follow your passion.

5. PRACTICE: You’ll learn how to harness the power of both practicING – the art of ‘getting’ good at a specific technique — and practicES – the power of letting the music get to YOU!

6. DECONSTRUCTION: You’ll be trained in how to deconstruct the music down to the essential core of what you’re expressing. Once you have that essence, you can repeat it, change the form and express it in infinite ways with the skills and tools that are unique to YOU. This is how you can create a peak artistic expression at any technical level. It connects you with the power of the child or beginner.

7. LIFT-OFF: You’ll allow yourself to become a conduit. It’s the flow state, where you are BEING the music. You take yourself out of the way and let it come through you.

This Class is Currently Available Only with
full Membership in Hip Harp Academy

How does the Program Work?

Each week we explore these 7 strings and how they enhance each other within you and in your playing.

Each week you get a audio file that you will play along with – not to develop proficiency, but to develop your INNER CREATIVE PRACTICE.  You’ll be playing – not to become better — but to reach deeper into your own passion.   You’ll be sharing as a community – with the choice to share anonymously – so that the resonance of each member of the group can support the others.

Each week you’ll be writing, drawing and playing – and it will be completely irrelevant how ‘good’ you are at these things.  You’ll let go of being good, and do these things for the creative connection they give you with yourself.  You’ll learn to do these for yourSELF, not for others – not to reveal things to others, but to reveal you to yourself.  And then I’ll show you how you can connect with others using these same techniques.

==> In the weekly video lessons I’ll take you through the individual strings and how they resonate together. You’ll get prompts and heart-play to practice in both your life and with your harp.

==> In the “Strings of Passion” workbook you download you’ll collect your creative discoveries.

==>  The weekly Soundscape Audio files provide an enhancement for your practice. You’ll download them on MP3 or listen in the online classroom and play along with simple musical prompts that allow each person play completely differently.

==> The Strings of Passion playbook includes the pieces I’ve composed specifically for this program – pieces you can just listen to – or, if you’re a musicians, that you can play simply or expansively – playing from the inside out – and the outside in, as the strings of passion connect the inner and outer instruments.  If you’re a harpist, these are pieces you’ll be able to add to your own repertoire as well as using them for your personal creative experience and for both concert and therapeutic playing you do for others.

==> In the closed “Hip Harp Academy” Facebook Group you can ask questions, share your musical discoveries and connect with the other members of the Core Level Academy.

==> In the weekly Q&A session with me you can ask anything – seriously … anything.



“Strings of Passion” is about the connection between the instrument we engage with and the instruments we are – and how those two resonate and enrich each other.

It’s about the journey from creative impulse to creative expression.

It’s about human expression ~ and human connection, and the practice of making that connection through the 7 principles of the program and the instrument we play.

This Class is Currently Available Only with
full Membership in Hip Harp Academy

“I just have to tell you how very excited I am about having signed up! I think this will affect not only my harp playing, but every aspect of my life!

I have always been a darn perfectionist and always felt like this trait paralyzed and limited my personal (and spiritual!) expression. So, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you have created this course! I can’t wait to work with you more! ” Amelia Gerlach (N.C.)

Who is leading this program?

I’m Deborah Henson-Conant – and the 7 Strings of Passion are the concepts that guide my own creative expression in every facet of my life: as a composer, a performer,  as a creativity coach and as a lifelong beginner.

Like my instrument, each time these inner strings are touched, I resonate.

And like my music practice, my inner practice enhances my performance as myself – and that enriches how I engage as a musician.

I’m proud to be a Grammy-nominated composer and performer, and to have created and performed my own workds throughout the world, including one-woman shows, concerts, concertos, chamber music and musicals.

I’ve been able to perform my own music with symphonies like the Boston Pops, Baltimore Symphony and countless other orchestras and chamber ensembles – and with spectacular musicians like Bobby McFerrin, Steve Vai and Mason Williams – as well as on stage alone with my harp or on tour with my band.

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to develop a completely new instrumentthe DHC electric harp in collaboration with the world’s most innovative harp company, CAMAC (and yes, the “DHC” stands for me: Deborah Henson-Conant). You can hear the story of that journey of innovation from the TED stage in my TEDx talk “Reinventing Freedom with Electric Harp”

This is all possible because of the power of creative expression – and the knowledge of how to harness it, empower it and completely integrate it into my whole life.

If you do nothing else for yourself in 2020 , discover YOUR strings of passion – the ones that resonate within you … and let them ring through your life and your creative expression.

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You provide the most inspiring, amazing space for students to break through the challenges, let go, and feel free.  It is so fascinating how you explore the emotional and spiritual aspects of music together. 

I love how you keep it real and think out of the box all at the same time, and I love both the fun and profound sides of what you express and explore.”  Tess Nurman (France)

Feel the power of YOUR creative resonance –
right in your hands

“Strings of Passion” is the powerful 10-Week creative expression class at Hip Harp Academy, and the FIRST course in the 2020 “Hip Harp Academy” Curriculum. To register, sign up for “Hip Harp Academy” “FULL” – and get “Strings of Passion” along with nearly a dozen other courses in a year-long curriculum — OR Register for “Strings of Passion” a la carte

“Strings of Passion” is one of the BEST programs to begin your Academy year with because it will enhance everything you already play and everything else you learn in the Academy.

That’s also why I offer this class at the beginning of the year: because it’s such a great tool for expanding your creative expression.

Join me for this foundational course – including online trainings, Live online Q&A chats, and post-course review-at-your-own-pace access for as long as you’re a member of the Academy.

And if you have any questions about that, just use my “Ask a Question” form to ask me directly.

This Class is Currently Available Only with
full Membership in Hip Harp Academy

Membership includes “Strings of Passion” PLUS
  ALL ACADEMY CLASSES for a full year   

$1297  $997

(or see the 12-Pay Payment Plan option)

If you do nothing else for yourself in 2020
discover YOUR strings of passion

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