Is there a dream you left behind?
Is there a passion you’ve always longed to ignite?

The Creative Resonance Project

You don’t need talent or virtuosity to be creative.

Creativity is the art of Play.

It’s time to bring that play alive again.



I am only FIVE minutes into watching the String of Passion chat replay, and already I feel like crying, I feel moved, I feel inspired and a longing and a yearning... Deborah, you are such a connector, an inspirer, such a teacher. [B.T]

The 7 Strings of Passion open your Creative Resonance

You become a new kind of human – one who’s able to enrich the expressive richness of anything you do in your life, one who knows how to PLAY with anything – from a melody to an object to, discover new realms of creative expression with it.  The 7 strings can be engaged in any order – the first three open up PLAY  without any specific skills – the way that children naturally play.

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1. Impulse

Impulse – the desire to touch, to do, to be, to play. This impulse is a response to something that touches us – and we respond.
You’ll reconnect with your first, your deepest, your most secret creative impulses – allowing you to step out of your “thinking” and “judging” and step into pure, unfiltered “play” (in every sense of the word)

2. Structure

– the principles that support creative expression. The internal flexible structure on which the muscle and flesh of creative expression grows. You’ll discover the simple, beautiful structures that create a path for your musical journey to follow.

3. Character

– the richness of how you tell the story. You’ll reveal the hidden richness of your inner world, and discover how to invite others into that world through enhancing every note you play with your unique character.

4. Roles

Roles allow you to differentiate and collaborate: bass, accompaniment, melody; conductor and soloist; leader and follower; player and instrument.

When you can DIFFERENTIATE roles or parts, complexity lifts and collaboration begins – you are in relationship. When you take on a role as an archetype, it opens up new realms of character.

You’ll discover that learning to embody a ‘role’ helps you quickly unlock the power that allows musicians to improvise together, or any team sport to empower teamwork.  (For musicians playing in a duo, ensemble, or playing accompaniment – this is pure GOLD!). You’ll also learn the hidden power of “followship” (and guess what? “Followship” is the inner secret to great leadership!) – it’s what allows you to follow your passion.

Roles plus Structure allow you to collaborate spontaneously. This is why a jazz player, baseball player, or chess player can go anywhere in the world and play with another jazz player, baseball player or chess player. They are playing a role within a structure, which gives them creative freedom.

5. Practicing & Practices

Practicing & Practices  – We break things down, so we can ‘get’ them. We develop a practice so that WE can break down inside the practice and let it get to us.

You’ll learn how to harness the power of both practicING – the art of ‘getting’ good at a specific technique — and practicES – the power of letting your creative practice get to YOU!

6. Deconstruction

Deconstruction and distillation. We deconstruct and distill to find the essence of what we’re doing, separate from its details and embellishments.  Once deconstructed, creative ideas are released from being expressed a specific way. They can emerge as anything – over and over, new ‘anythings’.

You’ll be trained in how to deconstruct music, artforms, ideas, down to the essential core of what you’re expressing. Once you have that essence, you can express it in simple ways, expand it, change the form and express it in infinite ways with the skills and tools that are unique to YOU. This is how you can create a peak artistic expression at any technical level. It connects you with the power of the child, the beginner’s mind.


7. Lift-Off

Lift off. The moment we unite surrender with action, we let go of crafting and developing. We embody ourselves, exactly as we are right now – and let ourselves be revealed as an expression of who we are, without judgement.

You’ll learn the power of being a conduit for your own creative flow. It’s the flow state, where you are BEING the creative expression – in the moment. allowing the creative expression to come through you, instead of struggling to get it ‘right.’


As we engage these principles, the instrument of creative expression builds on the inside. As it builds on the inside it resonates on the outside – our inner world is revealed to us – and to others.  It why we learn who we are through self-expression.


How does the Half-Day Online Immersion Work?

The Half-Day Online Immersion Workshop is for all creatives – those who play an instrument, dance, act, draw – or who long to be more creative in any part of their lives. 

  • During the workshop you’ll take a guided meditation to meet you personal muse – the one who lives inside you.  Then you’ll learn the principles of the 7 Strings of Passion and how to ignight them in your own life.

It’s about CONNECTION … not Perfection.

“Creative Resonance” is about the connection between what we’re doing and who we are – and how those two resonate and enrich each other.

It’s about the journey from creative impulse to creative expression in anything we do. At any level of experience or ability.

It’s about the richness of human experience and expression ~ experiencing it for ourselves and sharing it with others.

How does the 10-Week Program Work?

Each week we explore these 7 strings and how they enhance each other within you and in your creative expression.

  • Each week you get prompts to write, draw, play – and it’s irrelevant how ‘good’ you are at them.  You let go of the need to ‘get better before’ and learn to connect to your creative resonance exactly as you are right now.  First you learn to connect with your instrument, activity or medium – to experience yourSELF through it – the sound, sight, feel, movement.   Then you learn to connect to others by developing  resonance in which you express the unique quality of YOU within this medium.
  • Through these prompts and conversations to you develop your own CREATIVE PRACTICE that will support you in creating, engage, and connecting more deeply to your unique creative voice.
  • Each week you can take part in the LIVE Masterclass-Chats with me, where you can ask anything – seriously … anything, and where you get coaching in how to apply the what you’re learning to your creative journey.
  • In the weekly video trainings I take you through the individual principles of the seven “strings of passion” and how they resonate individually and in connection with each other – and you. You’ll get prompts and heart-play to practice in both your life and with you instrument or creative medium.
  • In the “Creative Resonance” workbook you’ll collect your creative discoveries.
  • In the “Creativity Gym” you’ll have access to audio dreamscapes and other creative materials you can use in your creative practice – games and materials that allow each person to develop completely differently – based on your unique creative voice.
  • The Strings of Passion playbook includes music I’ve composed specifically for this program – pieces you can just listen to – or, if you’re a musician – or interested in exploring the experience of playing music – that you can play. Each can be played simply or expansively – at any level of expertise or ability – playing from the inside out – and the outside in, as the strings of passion connect the inner and outer instruments.If you’re a musician, these are pieces you’ll be able to add to your own repertoire as well as using them for your personal creative experience and for both concert and therapeutic playing you do for others.  If you’re not a musician, you’ll be able to use these pieces to experience musical improvisation, or just enjoy hearing them.


“Creative Resonance” is about the connection between the instrument we play AND the instrument we are – and how those two resonate and enrich each other.

It’s about the journey from creative impulse to creative expression in anything we do. At any level of experience or ability.

It’s about the richness of human experience and expression ~ experiencing it for ourselves and sharing it with others.

What is the Creative Resonance Project?

“Creative Resonance” is a powerful 10-Week program of discovery to the heart of your inner instrument – the you that you bring to everything you do. It’s about learning to hear yourself, feel yourself, remember yourself – and then SHARE yourself. That’s your creative expression.

This program gives you a structured system to develop your unique creative expression. It’s also about developing your personal creative practice – not practicING to get something ‘right’ – but a daily practice that develops a rich creative resonance in every area of your life – from your everyday conversations to how you express yourself artistically.

The “Strings of Passion” are the seven principles that are used in the program. I’ve shared the “Strings of Passion” creative resonance concepts around the world in concerts, talks, retreats – and now it’s available to YOU, online in a LIVE, interactive 10-Week program.

 This class is part of the larger project, which includes performances, keynotes and a book,  designed to create access  ANYONE who is called to creativity to have a guide.

I believe in a world in which everyone has access to this inner and outer harmony and freedom.  You can see the theme in all my work. You can see it in “The Golden Cage”, in my TEDx talks — it’s about the right of every person to have access to experiencing, creating and sharing peak creative experiences. 

Got more questions? Use the Ask-a-Question Form.

“I just have to tell you how very excited I am about having signed up! I think this will affect not only my harp playing, but every aspect of my life!

I have always been a darn perfectionist and always felt like this trait paralyzed and limited my personal (and spiritual!) expression. So, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you have created this course! I can’t wait to work with you more! ” Amelia Gerlach (N.C.)

You provide the most inspiring, amazing space for students to break through the challenges, let go, and feel free.  It is so fascinating how you explore the emotional and spiritual aspects of music together.

I love how you keep it real and think out of the box all at the same time, and I love both the fun and profound sides of what you express and explore.”  Tess Nurman (France)

Who is leading this program?

I’m Deborah Henson-Conant – and the 7 Strings of Passion are the concepts that guide my own creative expression in every facet of my life: as a composer, a performer,  as a creativity coach and as a lifelong beginner.

Like my instrument, each time these inner strings are touched, I resonate.

And like my music practice, my inner practice enhances my performance as myself – and that enriches how I engage as a musician.

I’m proud to be a Grammy-nominated composer and performer, and to have created and performed my own works throughout the world, including one-woman shows, concerts, concertos, chamber music and musicals.

I’ve been able to perform my own music with symphonies like the Boston Pops, Baltimore Symphony and countless other orchestras and chamber ensembles – and with spectacular musicians like Bobby McFerrin, Steve Vai and Mason Williams – as well as on stage alone with my harp or on tour with my band.

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to develop a completely new instrumentthe DHC electric harp in collaboration with the world’s most innovative harp company, CAMAC (and yes, the “DHC” stands for me: Deborah Henson-Conant). You can hear the story of that journey of innovation from the TED stage in my TEDx talk “Reinventing Freedom with Electric Harp”

This is all possible because of the power of creative expression – and the knowledge of how to harness it, empower it and completely integrate it into my whole life.

If you do nothing else for yourself for the year, discover YOUR strings of passion – the ones that resonate within you … and let them ring through your life and your creative expression.

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These principles help me be more tuned in to who I really am, and be braver (and more creative) about expressing that essence in whatever I do and whoever I’m with, with less concern about being perfect. [L.R]

The Half-Day Immersion is over…

Now you can get the Half-Day Immersion
whenever you want – to enjoy at your pace

Creative Resonance IMMERSION

Whether you play the harp … or the radio
Open the door to YOUR Creative Resonance


Once you register you get right into the classroom
where you can learn at your own pace

Deborah Henson-Conant has spent decades reinventing what a harp can be, creating music that takes it out of the back of the orchestra and into a position of leadership, completely reshaping the instrument so it can be worn, and electrified. Along the way she’s learned a LOT about creativity and what “Creative Resonance” can bring to every part of your life.


In the “Creative Resonance Immersion”
you’ll learn the Mindset and Principles of Creativity

  •  You’ll Meet Your Muse in a Guided Meditation
  • You’ll explore the Strings of Passion – the seven principles that unlock creativity in ANYTHING you do – and how to apply them to EVERYTHING you do.   We’ll go through each so you can discover how each principle opens your creative resonance – your ability to express on the outside, what you experience on the inside. 
  • You’ll devise a simple Creative Structure and a Creative Practice to support your new creative vision

Debut Class Pricing: $197 $99

Or – if you play the harp – get this included with your membership
when you register for the year-long Hip Harp Academy

Looking for the 10-Week Course? It’s officially closed now. But …
if you join Hip Harp Academy you can access it as part of your year-long membership
Scroll down for more info on how to do that. 

 UPGRADING from another class or REGISTERING EARLY with a discount code? If you have your code, put it in the “Discount Code” field on the UPGRADE ORDER FORM and hit “apply.”  If you don’t have a code, or yours isn’t working,  use the Ask-a-Question form and let us know which class you’re upgrading from or what discount isn’t working so we can check your eligibility and support you in getting registered.

“The soundscapes – A and B – are really fun!…It is a relief to not feel responsible for lots of notes – but to listen for how one note resonates” (M.B.)

“I am loving dipping into the Creativity Gym so far two days in a row! … it felt like an inkling of what it would be to play by resonating with the depths of my passion.” (C.R.)


“I love the simplicity! Yet it’s very powerful and heartfelt” (S. W.)

“I love the idea of being physically involved in the music instead of the constraint that is taught in classical music.” (J.H.)

“I love the idea that experimenting with a simple practice and letting go of what it sounds like – it helps to develop fluidity with the fingers, traversing “mistakes”, and bring forth some amazing surprising results  – Note to self: open yourself to DISCOVERY” (P.D.)

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