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Rewriting the Fairytale of your Life with Music

3 Day LIVE Intensive Workshop

  • Fri. Sept.  11:  4 pm – 7 pm EST
  • Sat. Sept. 12: 10 am – 4 pm EST (Break 12:30-1:30)
  • Sun. Sept. 13: 10 am – 1pm EST

A collaborative workshop led by Angela McKinney &  Deborah Henson-Conant

Everyone has a tangled part of themselves that blocks greater creative expression, success, and visibility. Often that tangle self if protection from childhood trauma.

It’s like being stuck managing the nightmarish part of your own private fairytale — but long before the ‘happily ever after’ happens.

This workshop is all about learning how to UNTANGLE the part of us that is entrapped in this unconscious nightmare to access the skills and creativity needed to transform it.

Join Us

Angela McKinney and Deborah Henson-Conant are teaming up to create a life-changing creative experience.

You will learn the 3 Step Untangle Method to untangle anything standing in the way of receiving greater levels of freedom, visibility, and success.

You will utilize the artistry of imagination with your fairytale story, body, and musical instrument.

You will learn techniques to differentiate the part of your system designed to survive from the part and the part of your system engineered to thrive.

And YOU will theatricalize it with music, movement, and writing.

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“Oh what a tangled we weave
when first we practice to deceive … ourselves”

OK … OK … that’s not how Shakespeare wrote it … but we are the ones we deceive the most. 

The Art Of Untangling

Instead of battling and surviving the Tangled Self, we are going to build skills to meet and greet it.

The Tangled Self is not all of us.

There is another part of us that can WAKE UP, pop the Tangled Self’s nightmare spell, and access the thriving, magical side of our system.

As we do, we create the conditions to access choice, creativity, and possibility.

We want to look around our life and DECIDE.

Do we stay on the same road that leads us to the same hellish experience, or shall we UNTANGLE, increase our bravery, and discover a new road of sublime beauty?

When all of our organizing parts can agree on what is important, what else might we achieve?

This is always the next question when we awaken to our power.

In coherency, our creative powers are boundless.

After taking this course, I can say Angela touches the deeper parts of us that can heal, grow, and claim life. Her 3 Part Untangle Method is brilliant and yet so simple in application. I use it all the time! I have skills to access myself in a more present, meaningful way. I have clarity and I am moving forward. I am so grateful for this valuable framework which is not only restoring my life but also my soul.”
–Susan Tilman

Presenter: Angela McKinney

Angela McKinney is a leading expert in wellness and trauma recovery, an American life coach, a financial consultant, and the host of Untangle & Thrive podcast.

Angela has partnered with world-renowned psychiatrists on uncrackable cases to create the Untangle Method, a 3-Step system to help the most disorganized individuals find their way to greater connection and clarity to achieve lasting change.

Her performing arts background has deeply influenced her coaching methodology. She was a professional dancer and actress, winning the finals on Star Search. She starred in HBO movie, Girls in Prison with Anne Heche, as well as CBS movie of the week, A Killer Among Friends with Patty Duke and Tiffiany Amber Theisen.

The Untangle Method was created from Angela’s soul to NOT only help herself learn a new way to thrive but to help thousands worldwide emerge from the shadows of shame and claim life fully.

Presenter: Deborah Hanson-Constant

Deborah Henson- Conant is a GRAMMY- Nominated one-woman orchestra. With electric harp, voice, and a looper pedal that she layers sounds in real-time, then weaves solo lines and vocal about it.

Her shows, her life, her instrument, her workshops, and her music are all about transformation– all tied together by powerful, funny, affirming stories and universal humor.

Her voice is compared to Carly Simon and Joan Baez; her playing to Chuck Berry and Jimi Hendrix; and her humor to musical comedian Victor Borge and even Eddie Izzard.

She’s toured with the Boston Pops, opened for Ray Charles at Tanglewood, jammed onstage with Bobby McFerrin and offstage with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. She has been a feature on television shows from Charlie Rose to Joan Rivers and “The View” and in two full-length PBS music specials.

“Angela’s style of teaching and coaching has been a welcome breath of fresh air. She is so insightful and so logical in her approach to complex subjects. My awareness of myself has deepened significantly. She has given me a language to express myself, assert my needs in healthy ways!”
–Melissa Smith

By the end of this Workshop:

You will have a new framework
to reorganize a triggered area with confidence and efficiency.

You will have created a musical piece that embodies your 3 Organizing Parts: Tangled Self, Organizer Self, and Creative Self, as well as, your Integrated Whole Self.

You will learn to expand your capacity to receive visibility, success, and creativity.

You will learn to forgive yourself.

You will have a 3 step skills program to melt shame, restore playfulness, and access vision.

You will have a personal road map to bite-size moving forward in manageable ways.


Who is this for?

  • HIPHARP academy students ONLY
  • Students who get trapped in the weeds of I am NOT good enough or PERFECT enough.
  • Students who hide behind costume/technique/or emotionality and want to understand new freedom.
  • Students who are tired of under-earning and over-working.
  • Students who want to emerge stronger from a crisis or a challenge.
  • Any student who wants skills to become “safe enough” to ask for their needs, assert their desires, and claim their purposeful belonging.


You Will Receive:

  • A FREE copy of soon to be released UNTANGLE book
  • 10 Hours of LIVE Focused Training
  • Musical Insight from a Grammy Nominated Composer Deborah Henson-Conant
  • Engaged Q & A’s
  • Select Coaching for participants as time permits
  • A Chance to Create A New Musical Song, Story, and Vision for your LIfe
  • An Untangle Worksheet to use on any triggering areas moving forward

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