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What if you could pick up your instrument and play a piece that took you right inside a romance novel where you got to embody ALL the characters, ALL the action, ALL the Romance??


Well, you can!  If you play the harp, register for “Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page” and get ready to embrace your inner romance novel!


So, when I realized that playing my piece “Baroque Flamenco” let’s me EXPERIENCE being the characters in my own musical romance novel, I wanted to make that experience even more real — because it IS a story to me!  So I worked with graphic designer Rachel Bostwick to create this fantasy realization of my fantasy idea – the book cover you see above!

But before I could hand it over to Rachel, I made my OWN prototype.  I modeled for it myself and made my own cover, and then sent it to Rachel and asked her to make it look real.

Here’s my version:


Start your OWN musical romance

If you play the harp, join my “Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page” online program now


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