Just in time for last-minute giving, I discovered YESTERDAY how you can order my MP3 Holiday Collection “The Gift” for friends and send it directly with a message!

Why is this so great? 

For one thing, this is my best friend’s favorite album of mine.  Don’t believe me?

“This is my all-time favorite Deborah Henson-Conant album” Celeste Cumming (DHC’s Best Friend – pictured at left in a bear-hat & sunglasses)  And honesty is one of Celeste’s primary character traits – which is one reason we’ve remained best friends for nearly 40 years.

For another reason, it’s a great Holiday Gift – a non-denominational holiday album with instrumental all-harp versions of holiday tunes from around the world.   And one size fits all – because it fits right inside the Musical Pleasure Zone behind your ears.

So send it to your friends NOW – here’s HOW:

Use this link and only this link: https://gum.co/qzIKU  (Other links for this same product lead to an order form that doesn’t have the gifting option. I have no idea why … but it’s frustrating so just use this link)

Here’s what happens:

  1. A  little order form pops up.  Take a second to share and … then click the “I want this!” button
  2. The actual order form pops up when you click the “I want this” button  – and you should look for the tiny little “gift” icon in the email field.  Click on it …
  3. That opens up a little box where you can add your friend’s email address and a message as long or short as you want:

Then you can fill out the rest of the payment info, click “PAY” –  et voila!  You send an instant gift they can open up, download and enjoy immediately.  Who says you waited ’til the last minute??  This is PERFECT timing!

>> Buy “The Gift” holiday collection now<<

Maybe it’ll  become your best friend’s favorite album, too.

Special thanks to Tess Nurman, in Paris, who sent me a beautiful email yesterday – and started me off on the cyberjourney to figure out how you CAN send “The Gift” AS A Gift. Have a very happy holiday!

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