Weeping China Doll

“What is your favorite Steve Vai tune to play and why?” – is what a friend asked me about my touring with Vai’s “Story of Light” tour.  “Yikes!” I thought – almost every one is a favorite – but  all for different... read more

Perfect Timing

One of the things about touring with a band – as a newbie – which I am – is that you don’t know the rules.  There’s a protocol, a flow, an etiquette that’s completely unwritten. Everyone just knows … … except me. And... read more

The Train to Chapter Two

South Station, Boston: A last-minute bit of luck – two friends of Steve’s are driving to tonight’s show from the Boston-area today.  We’ll meet in South Station, take the train to Canton and drive from there to Northampton for the show tonight. This morning, I’d... read more

Time is a Garden

Yesterday – walking through Alexandria, VA on my off-day from the Steve Vai “Story of Light” tour –  I noticed a telephone pole. Someone had built a wall of small grey stones around it about six inches high and about 12 inches away from the pole, and in... read more

Nashville – Harp Stuff Happens

Tue. Aug. 21, 2012 – Nashville When we get to the club – The Marathon – they’re just loading out a car show and there are still a few oil slicks on the floor. There’s an SUV ‘cutout’ in the middle of the huge room – looks like someone took a metal chain... read more

How to Enjoy a Steve Vai Show

How to Enjoy a Steve Vai Show … if you’re not a rock music fan (with special notes for classical musicians, science-engineer-types … and girls) [Part of the “Rock Harp Diaries” blog series] I’m on tour with legendary rock guitar virtuoso Steve Vai –... read more

First Flight

In which … I board the first plane of my adventure as a Rock-Harpist after a long night of practice and packing and self-inflict a mini-stigmata via mechanical pencil. (Steve Vai’s “Story of Light” Tour debuts Wed.  Aug 15 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Tour schedule is... read more

The Bulba & El Deborita

Rock Harp Diaries On Tour with Steve Vai’s “Story of Light” tour Tour dates are HERE Fri. Aug. 10, 2012 It’s 1:30 AM I just got back to the hotel.  Rehearsal ended around 12:45, then I stopped at a 24-hour Ralphs and bought more food than will fit in my fridge … but... read more

Finding the Ladies’

Rock Harp Diaries On Tour with Steve Vai’s “Story of Light” tour Tour dates are HERE Thu. Aug. 9, 2012 It’s Day 3 of the final week of rehearsals with Steve Vai for his upcoming Story of Light tour , only 2 more days of rehearsal after this one.  Today we had a lot of... read more

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