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“I’ve played harp for nearly 50 years. I have a strict classical background, and never in my wildest dreams thought I could improvise. This makes it all come together in a way I can relate to.”
— Sally Walstrum, Las Vegas

“Your course was quite simply the best harping experience I have ever had.”
— Kevin Roddy (Hawaii)

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Free Yourself from Reading the Notes on the Page

Meet your creative coach Deborah Henson-Conant

I’m Deborah Henson-Conant, and I’ve been composing, arranging and creating shows since I was a kid. I now play shows with symphonies and on solo stages with the electric harp that was created for me by CAMAC Harps, the “DHC” Harp.

But I started on the ukulele, playing and singing my own little-kid arrangements, telling stories, improvising and playing and singing with other people. And guess what? I use many of the same skills and principles to arrange the music I record and perform today – including the Grammy-Nominated album “Invention & Alchemy” and the song that won first prize in the International Songwriting Competiton (ISC).

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