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  • "HARNESS YOUR MUSE" Yearlong Mentorship Applications are open year-round but membership begins quarterly: January - April - July - September
  • "HANDS ON HARMONY" is available year-round
  • INTENSIVE ONSITE TRAINING is available by individual application only
  • OTHER WORKSHOPS on this page are available at live Harp Festivals

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Each online course is run once-a-year except for "Hands on Harmony" which is sometimes run 2 or 3 times a year.

Hip Harp Toolkit

“Hip Harp Toolkit” is a 10-Week online course exclusively for passionate harp players! You learn create a whole repertoire of inventive, fun solo arrangements using my 5-part formula that let's you turn ANY simple melody into a whole arrangement on the spot!

Learn more at

Blues: Harp-Style

“BLUES: Harp-Style” is a 5-Week online course by Deborah Henson-Conant that’s especially for harp players and teaches you, the passionate musician, to play the 12-Bar Blues – no matter what your skill level is. 

You’ll learn the structure of the blues so you can play SOLO BLUES, and you'll learn the roles each player plays in a Blues band, so you can play Blues with other people. You'll learn how to build blues scales, Blues basslines and Blues riffs and you'll learn how to bend notes - whether you play lever or pedal harp. And best of all, you'll learn to write a Blues about something you love the most in the world, no matter what that is.

Learn more at

Baroque Flamenco Beyond-the-Page
(formerly Baroque Flamenco Bootcamp)

Baroque Flamenco Bootcamp” is a 4-Week online course I created especially for YOU, the empassioned harp player, to learn the foundation of my powerhouse piece "Baroque Flamenco" so you can play it at your own level - and so you can change it to suit the mood of the situation, whether you're playing for an audience of thousands or at bedside in hospice.

You'll learn the secrets of playing it with fire … and how to shift the notes so they express complete tenderness. You'll learn to EXPAND it if you're an advanced player and SIMPLIFY it if you're still a fledgling player.

You'll learn to make the dramatic Flamenco cadenza SIZZLE when you want to impress your audience, or how to MELT your listeners' hearts if they need musical solace. You'll learn to end the piece with so much inner fire that you COMPEL your audience to jump up and shout - or how to shift the ending into gentle dreamlike flight.

"Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Notes" is all about taking what's on the page and making it speak for YOU and YOUR listeners by learning skills of improvisation, performance and interpretation.

Learn more at

Summer Harp Jam

“Summer Harp Jam” is a 6-Week virtual summer camp with Deborah Henson-Conant that’s exclusively for harp players - lever or pedal, from fledgling to professional - and gives you a treasure chest of jams, vamps and playalongs that strengthen your improvisation and rhythm skills while you're having FUN!

A JAM is basically any simple musical structure that gives you a foundation for improvising without extensive preparation or predefined arrangements. The jam sequences we'll learn can be as simple as two chords and a rhythm that you can use as a solo player -- or as involved as a song that you lead with sections where everyone gets to play.

Don't think you have any improvisation and rhythm skills? You WILL after Summer Harp Jam!!

Learn more at



"Hands on Harmony" is an all-day learning retreat that you get spend in the comfort of your very own home! (OR take it at your own pace via replays. Or … both!)

It’s FUN! And it’s all about Harmony. It’s for all levels of adult players on pedal & lever harp.

How can all levels do it at once??  We start by learning basic principles and patterns – then each person puts them into play (literally!) at their own level  playing the Hands-on-Harmony Progressions.

Learn more at


Harness Your Muse Mastermind

There's a creative project aching in your soul. In the next 12 months you'll complete it and share it with your world. I'll walk you step-by-step through this journey.

"Harness Your Muse" is a yearlong group mentorship & mastermind to help you create, shape and share your dream project and develop the systems for production and promotion that will support your journey as a creative entrepreneur - whether that's as a performer, coach or healing practictioner. Most importantly this program is help you make your Next Level Shift to the artist you truly want to be.

Learn more at


Intensive On-Site Coaching

Get away from it all and focus on performance studies for a few months.

Sounds like a dream, right?

Well ... here, it's a reality.

Most of my coaching programs are one-line, but starting in Fall 2015 I'm reopening my on-site intensive program.

You Live IN My Studio Building

My Student Rooms are now set up for out-of-town students, with a harp, bed, shared bathroom & demi-kitchen. I usually recommend students stay for 3-6 months but occassionally I have weekend group retreats.

We Create Your Curriculum Together

Coaching focuses on areas from jazz-harp curriculum to arranging, creativity and performance preparation. You live here, practice and, after the first week, you have 90 minutes of coaching a week, broken into as-needed segments.

For students staying 3+ months, your first week includes two separate 90-minute sessions to get your curriculum set up.

Coaching is Focused Around Intensive Practice Time

The advantage of being on-site is that your coaching can be spit into small segments so you get the information you need to put new ideas into practice, then can ask questions, or get quick brushups when you get stuck.

The power of working this way is that you can maximize your practice time - because sometimes you only need 10 minutes of clarity from a coach to break through - and sometimes you need more. This program allows you to do that.

You're Immersed in the World of a Successful Creative Entrepreneur

One of the most valuable parts of seeing the day-to-day life of a professional artist is the chance to see how that actually works! Depending on how long your study-project is, you also have the option to be involved in some of the projects I'm working on - so you get to see the life and business-side of a creative entrepreneur in ways you simply can't from the outside.

You Get to Truly FOCUS

And whether you take part in some of my own creative projects or not, you get away from the distractions of your life and focus like you've always wanted to. When you email, let me know the approximate dates you're interested in and the area(s) of study you most want to focus on.

LEVEL: Advanced, Professionals or those ready to fully commit to a Next Level Shift in their creative lives

LENGTH: 3-6 Months


These are the basic descriptions of the workshops I offer at harp festivals - they're not available individually. This list is for harp festival presenters considering which workshops will be best for their students.

To ask for more information on booking these workshops use DHC's "Ask a Question" form

Where Passion Meets Performance

Workshop - Where Passion Meets PerformanceIf you want to perform, you DO want to play with fire! Regardless of whether you’re a Fledgling or a Professional, jumpstart your own path to playing with greater passion with this workshop from the fiery harp diva herself.

Using her dramatic harp showpiece “Baroque Flamenco,” DHC will show you how to go from just "learning the notes" and “counting it out” to finding the core of a melody and playing it with a grace that transcends playing ability, then expand it as your skills increase.

She’ll show you how your body can lead you to the 'character' that brings the music alive. This workshop will totally energize your morning and have you tapping in rhythm the rest of the day!

LEVEL: For hands-on Adv. Beginners to Professional
Auditors also welcome

LENGTH: 90 minute hands-on presentation with or without harps

Recent presentations include:

  • World Harp Congress 2014 (Sydney, Australia)
  • SouthEastern Harp Weekend 2014
  • Somerset Harp Festival 2015

Intro to Blues Harp-Style

Blues HarpStyleDo you long to have fun and jam with other musicians! To hear people say to you "Wow, I never knew you could play THAT on a harp!" If so, then take this workshop! You'll learn the 3 essential musical roles in the Blues--and how to play them with only 2 hands! Learn one of the coolest, and most useful bass techniques at YOUR level of technical ability--a technique that's not just great for the Blues, but for lots of rhythmic music. Learn the wickedly simple harmonic structure of the 12-Bar Blues and why that simplicity is such a rich field for creative expression. Get the ultra-fun swing rhythm at the heart of the Blues-- it's already deep inside your body.

LEVEL: Adv. Beginners to Professional

LENGTH: 90 minute hands-on presentation with instruments (harps and/or other instruments)
This can also be expanded to a half-day or full-day workshop

Recent presentations include:

  • Somerset Harp Festival 2015
  • Pacific Harps 2015
  • SouthEastern Harp Weekend 2014

Blues Harp-Style Full-Day Intensive

How can Blues musicians just sit down and play together?
How do people create Blues solos out of thin air?
Are they just more 'creative' than others ...
or do they have skills that anyone could learn?

The Blues is one of the simplest musical structures in the world – and one of the richest and most expressive.  And yes – anyone can learn – and it’s incredibly fun on the harp! 

You start with three simple chords, and once you know exactly where to play them, the sky is the limit.

Imagine how much fun you’d have if someone said, “Wanna Jam?” and you said, “Sure! How about a Blues in D?”

Imagine knowing exactly how to set your levers and how to play a Blues melody that’s easy to play and sounds great on the harp.  Then imagine bending notes and playing riffs, licks, basslines and comping (and even knowing exactly what those words meant!)

That’s what you’ll do in Blues Harp-Style Live Full-Day Immersion!  

You’ll learn to play a solo Blues, and how to play Blues with a band by shifting between the 3 roles: Bass, comping and melody.

  • It starts with learning the rhythm and getting it deep into your body
  • Next you’ll learn the structure of the 12-Bar Blues so you know which chords go where
  • Next, I show you what to do with your left hand and what to do with your right hand.
  • Then we start adding a sense of style and put on our sunglasses (oops – you’ll have to bring those yourself). 

And from there ... it's all about letting go and having fun.  I’ll show you how to count the band in, how to ‘fake’ it if you get lost and how to create the mind-blowing “Kerfuffle” ending that looks hard, but is so, so easy!

The Blues is a cumulative form, so you once you know the basic structure you can keep it simple as long as you want - or you can layer, embellish and expand forever.  That’s what makes it possible for players of different levels to play together and have fun.

And in the afternoon that’s exactly what we’ll do: we’ll split into Trios and take turns shifting between bass, comping and “blowing” so you’ll  know exactly what to do when you sit down to play Blues with other people.

Learn the Blues and you’ll have a musical playground that you can explore for the rest of your life.

LEVEL: Intermediate to Professional

LENGTH: Full day (with breaks each 90-120 minutes)

Recent presentations include:

  • SouthEastern Harp Weekend 2015

Muse to Marketplace

Here's an incredible professional development opportunity to learn the secrets of a brilliant musician who's also a successful creative entrepreneur. DHC will outline the steps to create a music business infrastructure that can support and promote your work as a musician, steps that will help you make the leap from being “a” good harpist to being “the” one-and-only you – and share that with the world. Learn to create a "business" side that can truly support your muse! This is about learning to tell your own story in the marketplace.


LENGTH: 90-120 minute lecture-type presentation

WHO IS THIS FOR? Music professionals, creative entrepreneurs or artists on a professional track who want to know the basics of creative entrepreneurship strategy and mindset. Note that at 90-120 minutes this is really just a quick overview of a huge subject.

Recent presentations include:

  • Somerset Harp Festival 2015
  • Boston Conservatory Harp Festival 2010

“Arrange Yourself”

Arrange Yourself Workshop with Deborah Henson-ConantWish you could just sit down with a melody, and chords, and create a whole arrangements?   Using simple holiday tunes (that you can use this December!) you’ll learn the five top secrets of my 7-week online course “Hip Harp Toolkit!” 

You’ll learn a basic 5-part arrangement form you can use over and over again, you’ll learn the three musical roles you have to play (and how to play them with two hands), you’ll learn my favorite left hand bass pattern and my favorite trick for enhancing melodies and you’ll be playing your own arrangement by the end of the class!

LEVEL: Adv. Beginner to Professional

LENGTH: 90 minute hands-on presentation with instruments (harps and/or other instruments)
This can also be expanded to a half-day or full-day workshop

Recent presentations include:

  • Somerset Harp Festival 2015
  • Pacific Harps 2015
  • SouthEastern Harp Weekend 2014

Improv Immersion Experience

How are some musicians able to just sit down
and start improvising music 'out of thin air'?

How do others take a simple tune and spin it into an entire piece?
Are they just more 'creative' than others? Or do they have skills that anyone could learn?

Improv Immersion Experience with Deborah Henson-ConantThis full-day workshop will help you take the techniques and skills that you already have right now, at this moment, and turn them into something that lets you truly express yourself ... spontaneously through the use of improvisation.

In this Full-Day Workshop You’ll Learn:

  • 5 ways to enhance each piece you’re already playing – right now - without having to improve your harp technique
  • The 4 essential tools you need to create a convincing solo improvisation on any simple melody without doing any preparation in advance
  • 3 fun, simple musical jams you can use when someone says “Let’s Jam” (or when you start saying it!)
  • How to modulate from one tune (and key) to another – and how to use that modulation as a moment of creative expression
  • How the basic principles of Music, Theater & Movement Improv can work together to broaden your expressive range no matter what your technical level is so you can be more expressive with the music you already play by engaging your body, and truly listening to what you’re playing learn skills
  • How to take your musicality and performance ability to a whole new level without having to ‘get better at the harp’

This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Know how to break away from the written page
  • Know how to be more responsive musically to any situation you’re in – from a Blues Jam to a bedside in hospice
  • Know how to break out if you’re feeling stuck
  • Experience the freedom of simply sitting down and playing without having to ‘worry’ about the notes
  • Know how to communicate a sense of relaxation (even if your stomach is churning and your hands shaking!). Audiences in concerts and care settings NEED to feel this first to truly hear your music. And more importantly by doing this you will be able to hear and play your music better too!
  • Express your musical story without having to learn anything new on the harp. We spend so much time working on finger technique, speed, coordination and agility – but or bodies and voices need the same attention. Using techniques learned in movement and theater improvisation we’ll learn to express more before even touching our first note on harp.
  • Learn the power of theatrical communication when the space before your piece begins and when your piece ends is just as important as the space in a melody is to the notes.

LEVEL: Adv. Beginner to Professional

LENGTH: Full day (9:30 AM - 4:30 pm)

Recent presentations include:

  • Somerset Harp Festival 2015

Strings of Passion

DHC's Strings of Passion

A "Speak from the Harp" Presentation
for General Audiences & Arts Audiences
Music, Ideas & Humor in Concert

"Strings of Passion" is a concert of music, ideas & humor featuring solo artist Deborah Henson-Conant, a Grammy-Nominated recording artist and the world's premiere electric harpist. She plays an instrument invented specifically for her by the CAMAC Harp Company: a 32-string electric harness-harp that straps on like an electric guitar. She plays in genres from Blues to Flamenco.

Here's what Henson-Conant says about "Strings of Passion":

"Strings of Passion" plays out 7 principles, string by string, using the unusual instrument that was invented for me – a 32-strings electric harness harp - to show how they resonate and harmonize with each other: These principles include invention, collaboration, leadership, structure, character, exploration -- and lift-off, as an idea becomes reality.

In this performance, the harp – with its 32 strings – represents the resonance of different ideas in our lives – with the understanding that we don't play every string in every song - but it is the resonance of the strings we don't play that gives the strings we do play their richness.

I’ve spent the past 2 decades reinventing my instrument, developing new shows, even writing full orchestra scores so I could explore how this new instrument interacts with symphonies. While I was focused on exploring this new instrument, and what it could do — what I learned was not only how to play it, how to write orchestra scores, how to film a PBS music special — but how ideas resonate through people, how groups collaborate, how leadership takes many different shapes. These understandings are what “Strings of Passion” is all about – described in words and music - speaking from the harp.

Strings of Passion Performance

LEVEL: NA (this is for general audiences or arts-focused audiences)

LENGTH: Full day (9:30 AM - 4:30 pm)

Recent presentations include:

  • American Harp Conference 2014
  • Boston Harp Festival 2010


Hands on Harmony

Deborah Henson-Conant's "Hands on Harmony"


Did you know that the harp – lever or pedal – is THE PERFECT INSTRUMENT for learning harmony at any level? Harp is the ONLY instrument that actually shifts from key to key, so unlike any other instrument the harp puts a visual, physical metaphor for harmony literally into your hands.

Seriously!  Literally … in your hands!  And I’ll show you how to reach out and grasp that harmony!


We start at the very beginning, learning how chords are built and you practice everything on your harp as we go along. 

From basic chord building, I show you a few simple chord VOICINGS to use and then we start right in playing PROGRESSIONS, or short series of chords. From there we start EXTENDING the chords – so you can build 9th and 11th chords and ALTERING chords so you can play chords like G7(b9) or Bm7(b5).

By the end of the day you’ll know how to MODULATE from key to key (using my really fun trick of “Diversion”), how to create simple chord SUBSTITUTIONS and how to shift in and out of the RELATIVE MINOR.

You’ll get a sample LEAD SHEET and learn to PSYCH IT OUT so you’ll know where you actually need to change levers/pedals and where you can kick back with the settings you already have.  You also get some stress-saving techniques for avoiding pedals/levers when you’re just not sure whether you should change them or not!


“This is a BLAST! I thought I knew this but you make it more user-friendly.”Carolyn Deal

“I have been asking people how to noodle for years, but this is the first time anyone broke it down to a place to start” Joyce Kraut

Wow – this is fun!  Using the slap bass, just got a whole new groove going! A new song idea was just born!” Kate Kunkel

“Love how the harp shifts into the key, patterns remain the same, you don’t have to think about altering fingering!” Sally Walstrum


  • How to build and extend chords (to play 7ths and 9ths)
  • Learning the ‘Families’  of chords (like the Family of C Major) and what chords are native to that tuning
  • The basics of noodling, voicing and reading basic chord symbols
  • How to use harmonic Fenceposts to improvise basslines and melodies
  • The basics of Modulation
  • And we do a LOT of playing so that you get it immediately into your hands

And in the extended sessions:

  • How to Alter chords – like, how to get a G7(b9) or a Bm7(b5)
  • The basics of Chord substitution
  • How to Navigate the Minor Scale(s)


  • MORNING SESSION:  10AM – 12PM EDT  – Introduction to Harmonic Families & progressions
  • EARLY AFTERNOON:  1PM – 3PM EDT  – A Longer Progression … and a trip to the mysterious relative minor
  • LATE AFTERNOON:  3:30 – 5:30 PM EDT – We’ll put the harmony we learned into context in an actual piece of music – and if there’s time, I’ll show you how to psyche out a jazz chart by sleuthing out all the modulations (so bring your detective hat!)

LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced.

LENGTH: Full day workshop

Recent presentations include:

  • SouthEastern Harp Festival 2014
  • DHC Online Academy

Fireworks for the Creative Spirit

A Hands-On Workshop Version of "Strings of Passion"

[Connect to the original info page for the debut of this program here]

How do great artists continue to create in the face of challenges, rejection, fear, and doubt? What tools do they use? What skills do they develop? What keeps them going, and what keeps them from giving up or giving in? How do they create authentic work? These are some of the concepts Deborah will share with you from her own life.

Watch Deborah's Welcome Video from the Debut of "Fireworks..." in July 2011.
(If you notice the video's a little out-of-sync - don't worry, it's the video, not you!

There are many ways to be creative. To be heard.

You don't have to go the standard route. Join this GRAMMY®-Nominated artist who has taken an unlikely instrument and turned it into the story of her life. Come see what is possible if you follow your own personal passion. Learn the concepts behind her work and bring them to your own life. You can be uniquely creative at any moment ... no matter what you start with!

All Levels Welcome

The basic principles of play and performance are the same whether you're a beginner or professional. For this event, your technical level or expertise is far less important than the depth of commitment to your own artistic growth. This event will help you uncover these fundamental artistic principles and practice them in your own life!

Beyond "Hands-On"

To connect with your instrument or your art, you can start with your inner world, through your connection with your own body, along with some basic concepts. The only instrument you need to bring is the one you live inside. Because this is an exploration of your inner world, your instrument will wait at home for your inspired return.

Participants in the 2011 debut "Fireworks for the Creative Spirit"

Who should attend

  • You are a committed creative artist at any level of expertise
  • You are looking for inspiration and creative focus
  • You want to lead a more creative life
  • You want to know how better to develop your own creative ideas
  • You want to develop the performance aspect of your work

What will this workshop give you?

  • Principles and exercises for turning your passion into art
  • Ways to address your doubts
  • Insight into what's in your way, and how to get around it
  • A safe place to explore your own creative inner world
  • Specific tools, exercises, approaches and concept to help you when you're stuck, when you don't know where to start, or when you need to pull a vague artistic concept into focus
  • Greater ability to let yourself and others see who you really are

What you can expect

  • Direct contact with an out-of-the-box master performer, who has been at the top and bottom of success, who has invented her own instrument and her own style of performance - and who continues to meet challenges in her work -- and is willing to share both those challenges and their solutions with you
  • An approach that goes beyond 'hands-on' to 'body-on'
  • Concept-to-focus on what we are, what we can do, and what each person's unique artistic voice is, rather than pointing out what we're doing wrong, or providing techniques to help us create or perform like others
  • We'll learn how to enjoy our own work and others' without denigrating either ourselves or the other
  • In-the-moment improvisation of content and delivery
  • Creative interaction with other workshop participants
  • Authenticity, honesty, exploration of freedom, empowerment - and an honest discussion of the real challenges of being an artist and musician
  • A completely open Question & Answer period, when you will be able to ask Deborah literally anything about her life and work
  • And for dessert ... participants can test-drive the "DHC Blue Light" the world's most popular electric harp, that was invented specifically for Deborah by the CAMAC Company.
"I experienced a workshop, discussion, interaction and concert all in one evening! It seemed perfect for everyone present, and there were a variety of age groups, skill levels, harp people of various styles, yet we were all focused and excited to be there ..." Miriam Brown

"The main thing that keeps rolling around in my head is just to embrace exactly what and who you are in that moment, and have that be enough." Josh Fitzgerald


What to bring (just yourself!)

  • No gear, no packing - just commitment to your art and an open mind is all you need.
  • A pillow -- for the concert portions, you'll be sitting, standing or lying on the floor, up close and personal
  • Comfortable clothing, including socks if preferred-- you'll be taking off your shoes and moving around
  • You can bring cameras and video to take social shots before and after the event, but you will be asked not to film any portion of the event; Deborah's performance sections will be taped and available at a future time.
Location & Directions
"Fireworks..." is held in a large private home or other non-public location. Exact directions are provided after attendees sign up.


Workshop Presenter Information

Riders & Stage Diagrams Page - Learn how to set up a room and get tech setup info to prepare for the workshop

Sample Workshop Timeline(PDF) - An example of a rundown of workshop events, timeline and notes on how to prepare for the workshop (from the 2005 St. Paul UCC Workshop near St. Louis)



For more information on this program click here