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Here's where I hang out
in cyberspace
In order of where I tend to spend my online time:

FACEBOOK: Where I spend most of my social media time, share new drawings, connect with fans (And hey! We just passed our 1,000-fan mark!)
TWITTER: Where I try to fit my big ideas into very small space
BLOG: Where I think outloud in writing about my experiences and performances in blog posts and stories.
YOUTUBE: Where you can see me moving around -- I mean -- versus just written word and images.
If you like to hang out at MySpace, let me know what you personally like about it and that will help motivate me to spend a little more time there (right now I visit only about once a month!).

LINKED-IN: Where I finally logged in to my account for the first time last month and discovered I don't even have half-a-profile -- then delighted myself by discovering some interesting invitations that had been languishing for nearly 2 years. So if you love linked-in and wish I spent more time there, let me know what you love about it and that may encourage me to visit more often!

PHOTO (above) by "Performance for Musicians" student Beth Benoit. Taken 8/21/10 at Celebration Barn, Maine

Studies & Coaching Info

Want to hunker-down and focus on performance studies for a few months? Or do you just want to get away for a weekend of inspiration?

Short- and Long-Term coaching is now available, including accommodations with harp, loft bed and shared bathroom & demi-kitchen (Luxurious? No - but charmingly rustic for sure!) We can accomodate a limited number of out-of-town students (like ... 1 or 2 at a time) for 3-6 month coaching intensives - as well as for shorter coaching sessions and ongoing studies.

The long-and-short is that you can get away from your life for a while to study and focus like you've always wanted to. If you're interested in long-term on-site residence-coaching, include the approximate dates you'd like, when you email.



Get INSPIRED with "Strings of Passion"
Get AMPLIFIED with NEW Gurl's Guide!
Get CHEAP TIX! for "Honey, I Shrunk the Harp!"
Summer in Review


More Info on Gurl's Guide"Gurl's Guide to Amplification!"
NEW 2nd Edition!

The 2000 first edition was a surprise big seller - now the new bigger, better edition is heading to the printer and YOU can be the first to have it!

Official release date is Sun. Sept. 26th, but you can order your personal hand-colored, limited-edition, signed and numbered copy NOW! This also includes an immediate online download the minute they're available (street date is Sept. 26 - so you'll have get the download by then - or before!). Get more info here.

BOOK SIGNING EVENT: Sun. Sept. 26th - 3:00 pm - Boston Conservatory "Opera Studio" Or buy it after the "Strings of Passion" show Sat. Sept. 25th at Seully Hall, Boston Conservatory. More info on both events at my Tour Page.


Boston-Area Preview
Sat. Sept. 25 • 8pm

Seully Hall
Boston Conservatory
Opening Concert - Boston Harp Festival
Sat. Sept. 25 • 8pm

An interactive concert of music, philosophy and humor.

"Strings of Passion" has previewed in California and Utah - but this is the first time that Boston-area audiences will have a preview of this new concert event. Presented as the opening concert of the first "Boston Harp Fesival" the Seully Hall venue is very intimate (a little over 100 seats) - so get tix now!

Tix are $25 at the door - but we have a limited number of $18 discount tickets only available online by clicking the link at right!  Order now to make sure you get tickets (meaning there aren't that many seats in the theater, and of those, we currently have only about 30 at the discount price -- so click the link at right and it'll either give you the chance to buy at $18 or let you know what's currently available).

Ticket Link

Discount Tix
if Purchased before
SEPT. 15th

Boston Area
SAT. NOV. 6th • 8pm

Historic Regent Theater
in Arlington, MA!
Sat. Nov. 6 • 8pm

A solo show in a great old Vaudeville Theater, free parking, great eateries and - if you get them right now - an incredible discount on tickets! OK, OK the discount $12 seats aren't the cushy VIP seats right-up front (those cost more) -- but there's a bunch of great discount seat locations in both the orchestra and the balcony - and there's truly no bad seat in this great old Vaudeville theater! So buy NOW while the tickets are cheap! Heck, buy a whole row and bring your friends!

Tix Link
Discount Tix!!!
if Purchased before Sept. 15th!
Non-discounted seats are $19.50 - $35.00.

Or call & talk to a person:
781-646-4TIX (4849)


"Performance for Musicians"

CELEBRATION BARN: I spent August up in Maine at "Celebration Barn" with my teaching partner, mime-dancer Karen Montanaro and a spectacularly diverse group of students from amateur to professional, aged 14 - 60's. We explored the art & craft of performance - and ended the week with one of the best student performance events the Celebration Barn has ever had.

You can read about some of my experiences at my blog, learn more about the workshop here and get on the mailing list for the 2011 "Performance for Musicians" Workshop (August 2011 dates TBD).

MUSICAL THEATER in Progress - "In the Wings"

TACOMA, WA: I spent June in the Seattle area rehearsing with an intrepid troupe of singing, acting, harp-slingers from the Northwest, rehearsing and rewriting my all-harp musical "In the Wings." And despite some serious production snags (like staging and sound equipment that never materialized and rehearsal time in some unusual locations!) -- the show DID go on! With six on-stage electric harps flown over by CAMAC harps, two concert harps, a grand piano and a lot of singing and dancing onstage - and laughter from the audience (the good kind of laughter) - it was a blast!

The result was that I came away from the showcase with a much more solid script, a huge amount of love and admiration for my dedicated cast and their supportive family members -- and a whole lot of encouragement to take the next step: get the piece into a theater to workshop it with a director.

I'm now discussing that option with a couple of theaters and starting to put together a proposal. So if you ever dreamed of helping produce an Off-Broadway show, this is the time to drop me a line -- and then I'll keep you in the loop on plans for the show!

In the photos above: at left, me, Deborah Henson-Conant (Aubrey) and at right: Emily Rostykus (Bela), Janelle Nadeau (Gabriel) and Meg Mann (Eden), Not pictured, but in the cast of the July 2010 showcase: Casey Pinckney (Jordan), Susi Hussong (Raphael), Clarice Frederickson (Zarah), Genevieve Picard (Harahh), Steve Frederickson (Voice-over of various Heavenly media personalities), Mark Andersen & Lynn Andersen (technical crew).


Publish - or Perish the Thought!! For me, one of the most difficult parts of my job is getting it all down on paper. I love improvising, and I think of my pieces more like blueprints or geometrical diagrams. But, since I was a kid, it's always been my goal to hear other people perform my work. And that means I HAVE to write it out.

Now I'm up against the wall, because I've committed to several performers that I'll have the orchestra score of my block-buster "Baroque Flamenco" available for performance this fall. It's not like it isn't done -- it is! It's always that last inch that gets me. So spur me on, join my Facebook Fan page and cheer me on, offer me advice or just tell me to close my eyes and make the plunge!

Spring in the Northwest! Tacoma Symphony, McPherson Opera House in Kansas, Shedd Center for the Arts in Oregon - we're working on more tourdates now, so if there's a theater that you love - especially one in the Northwest or California, drop us an email, tell us what you love about it, why you think it's the perfect place for one of my shows -- and let us know if you have any affiliation or personal connection with it (if you know the person who does the booking, for example, let us know - that makes it much easier for my agent!) -- and we'll give them a shout for a show in 2011 or 2012.


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SPECIAL THANKS FOR THIS EBLAST CONTENTS TO:  Alex Feldman Beatriz Harley (the lovely voice inside the phone at 888-DEB-STUF), Beth Benoit & Casey Pinckney.