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Deborah Henson-Conant is a Grammy-nominated recording artist, and the world's premiere electric harpist. Together with the CAMAC Harp company, she developed the world's first commercially-produced carbon fibre electric harp which now carries her name, the "DHC Blue-Light."

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March: Tacoma Symphony, WA - Shedd Center for Arts in Eugene, OR
April: Nicholls State University, Thibodeaux, LA
July: Ohio Valley Symphony*
August: Brest, France* - South Paris, Maine
Ohio Valley Symphony (yes, twice in one year!)*
November: Guest appearance with Ultra Sonic Rock Orchestra (Boston Area)*

*Starred dates have just been booked and aren't on the calendar yet - I'm just letting you know first that I'm headed in these directions!

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Jan. 26, 2011

Dear Friends & Fans - I'm practicing all my love songs because on Sat. Feb. 12 I'm gonna be ....

Wired for Love!

Love! Love! Love! Love! At the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury, MA - Sat. Feb. 12, two days before Valentine's Day, it's love from top to bottom - a full show of love songs.

Romantic love songs, love songs in parking lots,love songs for chefs and sous-chefs, love gone bad -- every kinda love I know, I'll be singing with my 11-lb carbon fiber electric harp. You want romantic? The new Blue Ocean Music Hall is right on the beach, with cabaret table seating, and a special Valentine-weekend menu.

Learn more about the show and the very cool Blue Ocean Music Hall at my event page: And stay tuned for news about my Lovesong Download Collection scheduled to release just before Valentine's Day! If you join me on Twitter or at Facebook, you'll hear about it as it progresses!


Ruby Slippers brought me home...

I just got back from Kansas, where I played at the beautful McPherson Opera House I fell in love with the the town, the theater and everyone who works there, including executive director John Holocek, who introduced the concert in a silver zoot-suit -- lowered to the stage on a pully.The stage at the McPherson is "raked" so the front of the stage is about a foot lower than the back.I'd never played on a raked stage before, though traditionally stages are raked -- which is how the terms "downstage" and "upstage" first came into use.

I'd borrowed a concert harp from Wichita harpist, Suzanne Shields, and I kept worrying it was going to topple over at that angle. But no, it was the audience who toppled over: In an impromptu moment, Suzanne joined me in a duet, then left the stage and returned in a belly-dancing outfit (I sooo wish I had a photo of that!).

The day before the show, I visited the local High School where I played Blues with the band and orchestra students, and after the presentation, they taught me to play ZZ Tops "La Grange." I still don't quite get how High School students are so into rock music from a previous generation, but I loved jamming with them, especially when one of the guitarists strapped my harp on and started rocking out (do I have a photo? no... sigh...)

With the contingent who drove 6 hours from Tulsa for th show.

I had spectacular sandwiches across the street from the theater at the Main Street Deli, where I also bought a portable, collapsable silver back-scratcher (OK, aluminum) too much fudge (I think some of it is still in my jacket pocket) and a pair of super spy sunglasses that let you see what's going on behind you - no joke! And the day of the show I slid up Salina for lunch with Salina Symphony conductor Ken Hakoda and journalist Gary Demuth (who I discovered to be a fellow musical-theater enthusiast!). (Am I telling you too much? It was a power-packed 2 days!)

In Wichita, an hour from the Opera House, I reconnected with my old friend, NPR host Frank Dudgeon, who now hosts "All Things Considered" on Wichita's KMUW, And on the looong flight home I discovered that Wichita is a fabulous airport to be stranded in because they have workstations with free AC and internet hookups. And once air flight was achieved, I chatted en route with the violist from the "Turtle Island Quartet" and bona fide super hero, Kid Power!

This was my favorite kind of touring. I felt like I really got to experience the town, the community and what makes it rich on its own terms. I loved the age-range diversity in the audience, meeting the High School Music students and their teachers, talking with the audience afterwards -- and I came back feeling like I made a lot of new friends.

I loved that so many people from the audience joined my Facebook fan page and immediately posted about the show... some from the Tulsa contingent even posted during their long ride home. So, that was a lovely visit!

And I hope to see you at a show soon!



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