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Aug. 11, 2011

Bonjour mes amis!

I'm in France! In a small harbor town called Paimpol, which is on the coast of Brittany -- and Brittany is the Celtic region of France.

At the right you can link to a 2-minute video of my first day in Paimpol , and admire my exclusive sideways video technique.

For anyone who thinks all France is "French" - Brittany is fiercely, proudly Celtic, with its own native Breton language, music, dancing, food, instruments and funny hats (ever notice how ... You can read the rest at my blog ...

... then please come back and enjoy my Shameless Plug for the last remaining spot (or is it two spots?) in my summer intensive next week. I hope to see you soon!

There are only TWO spots left for my 5-Day Intensive in Maine (ooops - only one! Seriously! Someone just emailed to register while I was writing this.) If you're wondering why I didn't start plugging this sooner -- as it's coming up next week -- look no further than how intense my Fall tour is (we've been pretty preoccupied with that).

BUT ... it so happens that more than once students have found cheap plane tickets last minute -- like, the night before -- and called Mandy (Ms. Celebration Barn), registered and - boom, they're there!. So check the airlines. The closest airport is Portland, ME - or if you're from the Boston area, it's a relaxing drive (also you pass the New Balance outlet where I got purple running shorts last year) - or the Megabus leaves every couple hours from South Station to Portland for a whoping $15. Here's what Mandy said:

"They should bus into Portland or fly into the Portland airport (PWM). From there it's an hour to the Barn. If they call us by Sunday night, they can catch a 2:30 PM or 4:30 PM shuttle to the Barn for just $40. If they need to connect with me last-minute to confirm there's still a spot, call (207) 890-1769."

So come on up -- or if you can't make the whole week, come to the shows on Friday and Saturday night! Read all about it here at my website, and here in my blogs, on my tour page or just plunge right in and register now! If you have questions you can try emailing my office (but the fastest way to get answers now may be the phone number above). I hope to see you there!

Visit my tourpage for a full listing

FRANCE on FRIDAY NIGHT! Tomorrow at 8:30 (France time) at the Cabaret Stage at "Festival du chant de Marin" in Paimpol

MAINE! Aug. 15-20 Workshop: Last chance to sign up for my 5-day intensive at Celebration Barn in Maine. Read all about it here at my website, and here in my blogs, or just register now.

October-November Tour! Denver, Kansas, West Virginia, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts and Georgia! Check out the tour page (although we're still just getting the info in on some of these so I can't guarantee you're learn a whole lot more there)

Eleven-Eleven-Eleven! It's my birthday on 11-11-11 and ever since I was a kid, I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SPECIFIC BIRTHDAY! So come to my Birthday Party at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA. Tix on sale here.

Guitar legend Steve Vai calls her the "Jimi Hendrix of the harp." The New York Times credits her with shaping the serenely Olympian harp into a jazz instrument by warping it closer to the Blues."

Deborah Henson-Conant's music ranges from Blues to Flamenco, in a relentless exploration of the instrument that was invented specifically for her by the CAMAC company in France: a 32-string, 11-pound electric harp she slings on like an electric guitar.

She combines music, theater and humor - with a voice, which has been compared to Carly Simon and an onstage energy that's been compared to Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry.

"The instrument forced me to rip apart any preconceptions. Nobody had ever tried to get these sounds out of a harp, so I simply had to stop thinking of it as a harp, and open my mind to everything else it could be," says the composing performer. That led to the development of music that's won her a GRAMMY nomination, PBS television music special, first prize in the International Songwriting Competition, and invitations to perform worldwide as a solo performer and with orchestras.

I play the harp that was -- literally -- created for me by CAMAC Harps:


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