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Woohoo!  The ALL NEW

“Jazz for Harps” Info Page is Here

NEW in 2018! Jazz for Harps

12-Week Summer Program for Lever and Pedal Harpists

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“Jazz for Harps” Info Page

There are 4 Quadrants to Learning Jazz





This summer you’ll learn them all in “Jazz for Harps” – a 12-week program for Pedal or Lever Harp in 3 levels:

Level 1: Fledgling (Adv. Beg. to Int.)
  Add the Flavor of Jazz to Your Playing
Level 2: Intermediate
  Discover the magic of improv, extended harmony & rhythm
Level 3: Advanced & Professional
  Get INSIDE the harmony, rhythm, basslines, comping and improvisation and build your jazz repertoire

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Already a Current Member of Hip Harp Academy Full-Level?

This program is PART of your year-long curriculum — so if you’re a current member, get ready to jazz it up!  If your membership is ending – keep an eye out for the renewal info so you don’t miss this summer’s fun!

Here’s How it Works

It’s a 12-Week Program that takes you INSIDE JAZZ HARP

“Jazz for Harps” gives you 12 weeks of training, playing and guided improv. Warmups start the first week of June and the program lasts until the end of August. 

You’ll focus on each of the 4 quadrants with my guidance, combining them as we work through the program – with an optional final project you’ll be able to complete and share with friends, family – or in performance, depending on your level.

During the process I’ll be there to give feedback, answer questions and cheer you on!  If your primary interest is in therapeutic harp, I’ll be able to personally guide you in how to adapt all the material to use in responsive situations. 

  • THE HARMONY  – you’ll have 24/7 access to the harmony & theory training so you can review it as you move through the program.  
  • THE RHYTHMS  — Rhythm is one of the hardest parts of jazz to integrate, so we’ll be using warmups throughout the program to help you develop coordination and internalize the rhythms so they’ll be easier and easier to add to anything you’re playing
  • THE TUNES – “Inside Jazz Tunes” is a brand new program that takes you inside jazz tunes where you learn how the roadmap works to create both structure and freedom for jazz improv.  
  • THE IMPROV “Summer Harp Jam” is one of the most fun classes in “Hip Harp Academy” – it’s all about playing, playing, playing so you really get improvisation into your fingers.

Together these four quadrants of jazz give you a full-specrum, 360-Degree experience of the jazz experience – specifically for harps at any level from Fledgling to Professional.

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