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"Invention & Alchemy" is a DVD & Grammy-Nominated CD, and PBS Music Special,
a collaborative project of composer/performer Deborah Henson-Conant & Grand Rapids Symphony. Below: the front and back of the DVD cover

HOW DO YOU GET a wild harpist, an 80-piece orchestra, a mad scientist's laboratory and a garbage truck into your living room? With "Invention & Alchemy" a DVD/CD project filled with music and stories- all backed by the 80-piece Grand Rapids Symphony and celebrated conductor David Lockington.

WAY MORE THAN A CONCERT, "Invention & Alchemy" is like a one-woman show with a cast of 80. On the DVD, the feature presentation, including stories and music, lasts about 97 minutes. The special features include an 18-minute Behind-the-Scenes film, "Healing the Waters" -- an intimate vignette with members of the Grand Rapids Ballet, and 12 interactive "White Rabbit" clips (short features that can be accessed from the main program or from the Special Features Menu).

...LIKE A RADIO SHOW: Producer Jonathan Wyner wanted to created a companion CD that played "like a radio show" – a cross between a live concert experience and "books on tape" – the perfect CD for long drives!

EVERY PIECE is composed, arranged, orchestrated and performed by Deborah Henson-Conant, with her mix of humor, beauty, intimacy and bombast.