The Golden Cage

A Fantasy Musical by Deborah Henson-Conant

Welcome – Costume, Prop & Set Designers

This page has artist images of the show to help you get a quick sense of it.

“The Golden Cage” is about a mythical Bird-man who’s spent his life on a quest to find the legendary “Golden Cage,” the ultimate symbol of security.  When we finally finds it – on a remote mountaintop, it’s everything he ever dreamed of … except for one thing.  There’s a woman living inside it and she says it’s made of cement and iron and that she’s a prisoner.

There are two characters: Boris & Alphea

In the script one is a man and the other a woman, but that’s just for convenience – they can be any gender, age, race, ethnicity or body-type. 

Boris is a Mythical Birdman.

He’s been searching his whole life for the the legendary “Golden Cage”, the ultimate symbol of Bird-person security.

Alphea doesn’t know who she is – only that she’s trapped  

She doesn’t remember how she got here, she pulls on different costumes at different times to try to help her get a sense of who she is. Her house is filled with collections of marbles, musical instruments, hats, self-help books, etc. 

She lives inside the cage, with all her collections – he’s been looking for this cage all his life.

Each has what the other wants … and neither is happy about that.

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