“Sing & Play Harp: 3-Chord Magic”! 

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 “Sing & Play Harp: 3-Chord Magic!” is

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What if you could … 

√  Just sit down and sing and play – any time you want, without music, all alone for fun… or with friends and family ?

√  Accompany singers – or any other instrument – by reading simple chords and creating accompaniment patterns on the fly

√  Create a super-simple arrangement of a song someone asks you to play for them

√  Learn a whole set of songs to add singing to your harp repertoire

√  Sing & play songs that people know and love – in therapeutic situations

√  Create a sing-along for children – children in your family, or at a library – or even a children’s concert

√  Feel totally coordinated when you put singing and playing together

√  Have a set of SIMPLE STEPS to follow as you learn to understand the basics of how singing-and-playing works –  so you could create your own songs.

If you have basic to advanced harp skills from advanced-beginner level to professional, this class will give you the skills to do all this and more – to just sit down and play and sing –  from a sheet of lyrics and chords,  just the way folk guitarists do.

“Sing & Play the Harp” 
teaches you to sing and play harp 
the same way people learn to sing & play guitar: 
with chords and picking patterns you use over and over in different ways.

What if three hours from now…

√  You could sing & play a dozen songs with your friends and family – and know exactly how to add even more songs to your repertoire

√  You’d know how to play along with others in simple 3-Chord songs. That means you’d be joining in on jams, at church, or around the campfire (wait … does anyone sing around the campfire anymore?)

√  You’d be playing simple, effective accompaniments for singers (including yourself!) – or any other instrument – by reading simple chords

√ You’d be able to lead children’s sing-alongs (or anyone singalongs)

√ You’d be singing song people love in therapeutic situations – or, better yet, play for them to sing with you.

√ You’d have the basic skills to start creating your own songs

Most importantly – you’d be truly DOING it – not just ‘learning how’ –  but doing it, connecting, sing and playing and having so much fun doing it!

What if you could learn right in your own livingroom when YOU wanted to learn – day or night?

And go over the lessons again and again if you like.

"Sing & Play Harp: 3-Chord Magic"

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Read what students say about “Sing & Play Harp”:

"Really Powerful"

 Singing with the harp is a much more intimate way to connect -and playing simply gives so much emotional support to the singing.

It’s really powerful. I NEVER considered singing and playing…… but now I will.  (Laurie Grant)

"This is the Breakthrough"

Accompaniment on the harp has eluded me. This is the breakthrough – the relationship between the song and the chords  – instead of playing the melody on the harp.  (Kate Schell)

"I felt so supported"

I felt so supported by the harp to sing. To feel that support from myself created a huge connection with myself and the instrument and all of you out there.

 (Alicia Dawes-Salazar )

"Incredible Versatility"

There is an incredible amount of versatility with these few chords.  Who knew that something that sounds so great could be so easy!!! (Anne Horton )

"Clear Instruction Locks it In"

Clear instruction, with repeating internalizes and locks it in. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon  (Nicole DeVault)

"Perfect Step by Step"

It was PERFECT to do things step by step, first the RH, then the LH, then the voice…  (Margi Miller)

"Opportunities to Improvise"

I’m seeing tons of opportunities to improvise  (Kathy King)

"Great for Ear-Training"

This is great for ear training – hearing these chords  (Robbin Gordon-Cartier)

"It Sounds Nice & Full"

I love that you can add very, simple picking and it sounds nice & full  (Sally Walstrum)

"This is great! I'll use this with kids"

I will use this in May when I play for Kid’s Day at Lindsborgs Mill-Fest. Last year I had about 300 kids in my “Discover the Harp” demo. This is great! (John Miller)

The Power of “3-Chord Magic.”

“3-Chord Magic” teaches you the 3 basic chords that unlock your ability to play hundreds of folk songs, how to play these chords so well you can do it with your eyes closed, how to coordinate playing with singing, add a bass-line – and how to do this all by yourself – or with friends.

You’ll get a 12-song setlist (lyrics & chords), a 5-minute warmup you can do daily, and video lessons you can watch over and over so you know how to put it all together.

You also get two very cool BONUSES: a super-simple version of my song “The Nightingale” and a song you can sing with others called “You Have a Voice.” PLUS a set up warmups to give you new accompanimental ideas and a separate set of videos that shows you how to expand the harmony of each piece.

How does “Sing & Play Harp” Work? How is it an “Immersion”?

The class is called an “Immersion Class” because it’s most effective to take the entire class in one day – and then start putting it into play.  Of course, you can also review it – or take it at your own pace – you’ll have 6 months access. But you won’t need that. Once you learn the basics, it’s all about putting them into play and starting the process of gaining fluency and opening to discovery.

It was originally planned as a series in which each new immersion unlocks another level of completion – but we discovered that it worked better to include different ways to expand the class right in the classroom itself. That means that, along with the basic training you also get a whole series of accompaniment patterns, and a warmup with videos to help you learn them.  It also includes a series of expansion videos for each piece showing you how you could expand the harmony beyond the basic 3 chords.

You don’t have to use these expansion materials. You can use the basic class to sing and play to your heart’s content.  And I do encourage you to really enjoy the simplicity of the basic training and put it into play as you sing.  I also want you to know that you can be fully expressive at each level – and to explore that before expanding the accompaniment patterns or harmonies.  The magic happens as you play and the simpler you keep it, the more it expands on its own.  As you become fluent at each level and learn to ‘speak’ with the music, you’ll start to discover new things you can do – and to connect more with your yourself, your instrument, the music – and other people!

When you’re ready – the additional accompaniment patterns and harmonic expansions are available in the classroom as resources to use whenever you want to expand.

Warm-Up Sequence

This short warmup gives you the basic patterns of the chords and picking patterns in a simple warmup you can do daily to help you develop and retain the skills you’ll use in this class. (TIP: The warmup sequence becomes an arrangement sequence!)

Smooth Move Patterns

These patterns help you play the chord patterns even with your eyes closed! Once you know the basic pattern, it’s easy to shift it to new keys to can find the best key for your voice for each song.


Learn 4 simple picking patterns  you can use over and over to flesh out any tune on your set-list

Set List

You’ll get a 12-Song setlist of traditional folk songs that only use these 3 chords (you’ll be surprised what they are!) – plus a bonus peak at the next level of harmonic expansion you can take these pieces to if you like. 

Add A Bass

Add a simple left-hand to create your bass – or play with a friend and split the bass & picking pattern between you!

Let’s Play!

Now you’ll sit down and sing and play and sing and play and sing and play, creating a simple arrangement as you play by using the warm-up patterns you practice every day.

Take a 2-Minute Tour through the Classroom

Invest in Your Creative Expression

“Sing & Play Harp: 3-Chord Magic”

Including your Warm-Up Sequence,
Smooth Move Patterns, Picking & Bass Patterns,
Training Videos and Lyric & Chord sheets.


ONLY the FIRST 25 PEOPLE WHO SIGN UP!!! (only 3 left!)   

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Registration includes 6-Month Access with 24/7 Access for Self-Paced Learning

Includes Downloadable PDF files for your personal learning library

$139 $69 (50% OFF Memorial Day Sale)

Registration includes 6-Month Access with 24/7 Access for Self-Paced Learning

Includes Downloadable PDF files for your personal learning library

Purchase includes 6-Months access to all online materials PLUS download of all PDFs & MP3s from the class.

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Your Guide on this Creative Journey

Hi, I’m Deborah Henson-Conant, and I’m proud to be an award-winning, Grammy Nominated composer and performer who’s spent my life falling in love with the harp.  I started playing classical music in my early 20’s on a concert harp, but I now play it on the beautiful electric harp that was created for me by CAMAC Harps, the “DHC” – named after me!  (You can read about that in my recent TEDx talk)

I’ve had the opportunity to perform around the world on concert stages, with symphonies like the Boston Pops, the National Symphony Orchestra and Baltimore Symphony and to perform with conductors and musicians like Marvin Hamlisch, Steve Vai, Mason Williams, Doc Severinsen, to have my own PBS music specials,  open for Ray Charles,  tour as a soloist with the Boston Pops’, to go to the Grammy’s as a Nominee and to be interviewed by some of the greatest  personalities and journalist of my time, like NPR’s Scott Simon, Joan Rivers, CBS Sunday Morning’s Billy Taylor.

I’ve been called the “Jimi Hendrix of the Harp” and a cross between Leonard Bernstein and Xena, Warrior Princess. But one of my favorite things to do is to just sing and play the harp – alone or with other people.   To me, that really feels like ‘me.’

I’m so happy to finally be able to share my “Sing & Play Harp” method with you so you can experience the same kind of joy, freedom and community I feel when I Sing and Play harp!


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Sing & Play Harp: 3 Chord Magic

Open Now! Self-Paced Learning

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“You provide the most inspiring, amazing space for students to break through the challenges, let go, and feel free. 

It is so fascinating how you explore the emotional and spiritual aspects of music together.

I love how you keep it real and think out of the box all at the same time, and I love both the fun and profound sides of what you express and explore.”

Tess Nurman

If there is one lesson that DHC emphasizes over and over, it is to appreciate and enjoy what we can do at this time, knowing that we can and will continue to improve.

This support has had an effect on me that has gone beyond my harp-playing.

Harriet McKenna

“I play almost daily at the hospital or hospice, and put all of this into practice immediately, so it really sinks in.”

Betsy Scott Chapman

“This has been the best workshop ever! I like having plenty of alone time to work with the concepts in the lessons. At other workshops I can’t hear myself think or play. I really like the online course”
Dawn Sessions Penland

“I have not had this much fun playing my harp for months. Since I’m fairly new to the harp; I’m also learning a great deal from the suggestions, ideas and comments of everyone. Taking copious notes & tucking them away for when I’m ready for new concepts.”
Laurie Esch Taylor

What this course is NOT

This course will give you everything you need: the skills, the freedom and the power to sing and play harp at the same time, or with others. It will give you the power to CONNECT with yourself, the music, your instrument and others.  If you apply what you learn, you will be fluent at playing-and-singing.  AND … there are a few things this course is NOT about:

  • Vocal Technique. We will be singing from the start, and we won’t be focusing on how you sound. but our focus is on how to combine singing and playing. If you want to work on your vocal technique, your sound, or your ease of singing, I’ve arranged a special discount from a well-known voice-coach in the Boston-area who can work with you virtually – either 1-on-1 or in her online classes.
  • Vocal-instrumental ‘arrangements’. You will get – as a bonus – two of my simplified arrangements for harp and voice, but this class isn’t about learning to play vocal-instrumental arrangements. It’s about being able to sit down to play-and-sing like you would sit down to have a conversation.
  • Styles such as Pop, Classical, Blues, etc. You can apply what you learn to many different styles of music, but in this class, we’re concentrating on traditional folk songs (mostly American folk songs) – though you’ll be able to apply what you learn to many different styles of music
  • Songwriting. We won’t be talking about song-writing in this class – though you’ll definitely be able to apply what you learn in this class to writing your own original songs.   

Here’s what I need YOU need to do:

Embrace the joyful imperfection of learning to sing-and-play as if you were a child. Leave your critical voice outside the room and embrace the foundational principle of all my work:

Music is about Connection ~ not perfection.

And commit to having big, wonderful FUN, learning to ..

Sing & Play the Harp

You have a voice that’s yours alone

This is the tie to bind you
Deep in the dark of evermore
That’s how your soul can find you

So raise your voice,
for in the end
it’s all we have to bring.
This is the sound that turns lost into found,
When we sing


You have a voice that tells a tale
Nobody else can tell it as well

This is the tale, the song,
The story of you.

So raise your voice,
for in the end
it’s all we have to bring.
This is the sound that turns lost into found,
When we sing

(Deborah Henson-Conant  – from “You Have a Voice.”)


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