A New Mythical Musical by Deborah Henson-Conant

The Golden Cage

A musical and lyrical masterpiece
that will remind you of both Sondheim and Guettel.

Paul Gordon (Tony-Nominated composer/writer of Broadway’s “Jane Eyre” )

CreateTheater New Works Festival Awards


“A musical and lyrical masterpiece” Paul Gordon – Tony-Nominee

The Golden Cage is a Producer’s Dream:

  • 80-Minute One-Act Musical
  • 2 Characters – Open Casting for any age, race, gender and body type
  • Single, simple set
  • A powerful story of freedom and connection
  • For multi-generational audiences
  • Scored for Piano or Piano/Cello/Percussion
  • Effective for both musical-theatre and opera audiences
  • Supplementary Audience Resources include the “Cage Unlocker’s E-Journal”

Through a mythical, whimsical lens, “The Golden Cage” tackles some of the most pressing mental health issues of our day including isolation, behavioral addiction, blind ambition and generational achievement expectations –  and the glory of transformation and connection.

Photos from the 2022 Workshop Production in NYC – Click Photos to see Full-Size

Photos by Rachel Monteleone and Emily Hewitt
From the 2022 “CreateTheater Festival” production in NYC  with Chris Isolano: Boris and Maddie Allen: Alphea

The Golden Cage is an award-winning musical about a glorious, mythical cage that’s irresistible from the outside, and inescapable from the inside, This 2-character musical play tells the story of two creatures who meet on either side of its bars. Boris, half-man and half-bird, is stranded on the outside after a lifetime searching for the cage. Alphea, trapped on the inside, is a melodramatic diva, who longs for freedom, yet fears the outside and can’t remember how she got trapped inside. Lyrical musical theater meets operetta meets song-cycle, this poignant new musical comedy reflects the cages in which we trap ourselves and the only way we can unlock them: through connection to each other.

Its universal subject matter, sophisticated music and whimsical characters make The Golden Cage a show for multi-generational audiences to see together. It offers a common language to talk about the trap of isolation, the polarized reality of being an ‘insider’ or an ‘outsider’ — and the discovery that it’s only through human connection that we can break through to our common humanity and the glorious truth of who we most deeply are.

“Imagine chasing a dream your whole life only to find out it’s someone else’s hell,” said playwright and composer Deborah Henson-Conant. “The Golden Cage is about self-created traps of isolation and blind achievement, and the power of human connection to set us free.”

Available for licensing, The Golden Cage is a “producer’s dream,” with its single set, small orchestra, two-person cast with open-casting for any gender, age, race or body type – and its universal message that appeals to multi-generational audiences. 


“Deborah Henson-Conant’s genius is on full display in her stunning musical THE GOLDEN CAGE. A musical and lyrical masterpiece, the score is deeply satisfying in its harmonic inventions that will remind you of both Sondheim and Guettel – but is truly the composer’s own unique voice. The lyrics and the dialogue are expertly woven into this two-person musical that will delight sophisticated audiences”.

Tony-Award Nominee, Paul Gordon (composer/writer of Broadway’s “Jane Eyre” and “Daddy Long Legs” and creator of the new “Streaming Musicals” Platform)

‘The Golden Cage’ is an inspirational musical-comedy fantasy for those of us who sometimes feel trapped in our own minds.”  Joan Davidson

“It’s not a coincidence that this show is emerging now because it is about the inner evolution that each of us is experiencing coming out of the last two years.” Simonne Willems

“… a magical trip through an original and modern fairytale that simultaneously feels familiar and new. A blend of The Wizard of Oz-style escapism and Waiting for Godot-like philosophic layers, The Golden Cage has the ability to both inspire and entertain across generations.” Trent Sellars (TheatreHaus Review).

With just two characters and a score described as Guettel-and-Sondheim-esque, The Golden Cage is a whimsical, sophisticated story for multi-generational audiences about our self-imposed cages of isolation and illusion, and the human connection that sets us free.  Broadway World


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