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  • Piano-Vocal Sheet Music

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“The Golden Cage” is a musical fable about the powerful illusions we trap ourselves in, and how they forge our reality as if it were iron and stone. It’s also about how we can find freedom from that cage we’ve created.  It’s a two-person, one-set musical by me, Deborah Henson-Conant.

It was filmed in April 25, 2022 during 5 live performances at Theater Row, Off-Broadway, Directed by R. Lee Kratzer, with musical direction by Nevada Lozano and starring two powerful new talents : Chris Isolano and Maddie Allen.  It won awards for Best Musical Score, Best Actor and Most Innovative Production in the 2022 Off-Broadway “CreateTheater New Works Series”.

The show is now available for licensing and the original production is about to make the flight from stage to film as we partner with the new “Streaming Musicals” platform (think ‘Netflix’ for original musicals) to distribute the show world-wide via streaming in spring of 2023 and the make the show available for licensing.



The New Orchestrations

Below you can hear the original piano-vocal instrumentation (on the left) and the orchestrated version of the same scene (on the right). This was an early sketch when we only had the full mix (piano & vocals together), rather than the ‘stem files’ we got later that would let us balance the volume of the voices and envelope the piano a little more with the orchestration – so in this early mix you may not hear both voices balanced. But you WILL get the idea of what we’re adding to the sound by listening to the track on the LEFT and the same track, PLUS orchestration, on the RIGHT.

For live shows we’ll develop yet a 3rd instrumentation so the show can be done with solo piano or small ensemble.



This is how the show sounded originally, in the theater with piano-vocal score


This is the same section as on the left, but with orchestration added.


This is another section of the play with added orchestration

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