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Author’s TEDx Talk:

“How to Get Out of your Inner Cage”

There were four questions the author could never answer about the show – four answers that would unlock the meaning of the cage in her own life and show her the human connections that were missing.

  Production Features:

“The Golden Cage” is a single-set, 2-Character concept musical with open casting for age, race, gender and body-type.  It’s performable with solo piano or trio: piano, cello & percussion. Written for multi-generational audiences, it’s effective for both musical-theatre and opera audiences.

Through a mythical, whimsical lens, the show tackles isolation, addiction, mental health and the process of transformation. Supplementary Audience resources include “The Golden Cage” downloadable journal with daily prompts from each character’s life choices. The author’s 13-minute TEDx talk about her personal journey developing the themes of the show is also available.

NOTE when watching the Filmed-Live-Musical Version below: The original filmed production was performed with solo piano. Orchestrations were added in post-production for the musical film.

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