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Below are some of Deborah's stories or essays from back-issues of her newsletter along with links to other stories in the website. You can also check out Deborah's Wordpress Blog.

2011 - SPRING WEST COAST TOUR - Images, Videos and brief stories of Deborah's West Coast Tour in Spring of 2011.

YEAR-IN-REVIEW 2010 - Images, Videos and brief stories of what Deborah did in 2011

AUNT SONG (2.12mb mp3) - (1/23/08) Deborah heard a story on NPR about Aunts and sent the station her own song about her favorite aunt. This is the full version of the excerpt that was played on WBUR's "Here and Now" on Jan. 23, 2008.

BELINDA, THE WILLOW - the song about a beloved willow - and what's happening to her right now!

CELEBRATION BARN & TONY MONTANARO - how I started at "The Barn" and why I teach there now myself

VIOL-IN-DENIAL - A dilapidated violin thinks it's really a harp -- photo essay.

GRAMMY DIARIES - (2/07) ...DHC and staff write about their experiences at the 2007 GRAMMY Awards.

SWACKHAMER MEMORIES - (2006) …Deborah and other students of John Swackhamer share memories of his teaching and his unorthodox ways.

HAIR RAISING HARP HISTORY - (4/03) …Deborah emails a harp historian learns some shocking harp history.

WHAT'S WITH THE ORCHESTRA - (3/03) …We interview Deborah about her orchestral writing.

FIND OLD FRIENDS ON THE INTERNET - (4/12/03) ... about old friends, books and libraries (originally written for WGBH).

ART MAKES YOU SEE THE WORLD DIFFERENTLY - (4/14/03) ... about public art and private thoughts (originally written for WGBH).

SHARING A LIFE - (9/17/02) ... about my best friend, playing music, and how to fit a new life into an old car.

BREAKFAST BETWEEN FLOORS - (11/18/02) Heading to the ground floor for breakfast becomes a full-course experience.

THE RELUCTANT NON-STEPMOTHER.... - (7/29/02) I suddenly find myself in the family way and need to figure out what the heck to do about it.

THE PLASTIC KNIFE CUTS DEEP - (9/25/01) The world as viewed from a airplane window in late September, '01.

MY FIRST KISS (Feb. '96) My local NPR station challenged listeners to write in about their first kiss. Here's mine -- read on the air Feb. 14, 1996.

ANNA BELLA & PIANO MAN SAM. Writing to a friend of mine some time in the early 90's, I suddenly found myself telling him a story I'd never known.

INTERVIEW TEXTS - Full transcripts of some of Deborah's interviews can be found at this page (the "Reviews, Features, Interviews & Articles" Page).