electric harp virtuoso
who tells stories with music

New Award-Winning Musical
“The Golden Cage”
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The Golden Cage

A New Mythical Musical Comedy
by Deborah Henson-Conant

Directed by R. Lee Kratzer

Starring Maddie Allen & Chris Isolano

“A musical and lyrical masterpiece …”
Tony-Award Nominee Paul Gordon
“An inspirational musical-comedy for those of us who can get trapped in our minds”  Joan Davidson

DHC At-a-Glance 

In less than 3 minutes  get a quick overview of what it looks like to compose, perform and coach with a self-created instrument.


In her TEDx talk, DHC tells the story of decades of perseverance and persistence in how she conceived of the “DHC” electric harp and her collaboration with the CAMAC Harp company to bring her vision to a new generation of players. Learn more here

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