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This is a warm-up Webinar for
“Strings of Passion”

(“Strings of Passion” is included in the Year-Long Membership Curriculum at Hip Harp Academy. It can also be purchased separately as a stand-alone class)

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Recorded Sun. Jan. 13, 2019 – 5:30 pm EST

Many people use a technique called Vision Boards to create a daily visual connection to inspire their goals and visions. 

What if you could create a piece of music that embodied your goals and visions – a piece you could play every day to reconnect with what’s important to you in your creative life?

In this webinar you’ll learn how to create the musical meaning at the heart of your Vision Music.

  1. You’ll learn what VISION MUSIC is – and how to bring your own vision alive with it each day.
  2. You’ll EXPERIENCE a completely different – and very powerful – side of music that’s not about getting the notes right or achieving yet one more level of technical ability – but about unlocking it’s power for transformation.
  3. You’ll learn to create your own VISION MUSIC – and how to bring it alive for others, whether you’re playing for an audience of thousand – or one-to-one in hospice or music therapy. 
  4. You’ll learn how to take what you learn much, much further in the 10-Week “Strings of Passion” program or the yearlong “Hip Harp Academy

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