What is “Hip Harp Academy?”

“Hip Harp Academy” is a multi-level online creative learning school for harp players created by Deborah Henson-Conant.

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There are currently 3 levels of the Academy

1. FREE-Level Membership

The free level gives you access to Webinar Replays, free trainings like “HaRpy Birthday,” “Looper Lesson” plus worksheets, playsheets and other resources just for harp players. It takes about 30 seconds total to apply for the free membership, get the email with log-in info and get to all the free resources – so just click here now: Get an instant FREE level membership now

2. FULL or Core Curriculum Level

“FULL” or “CORE” Level gives you a year-long membership to the full “Hip Harp Academy” core-level curriculum in arrangement, harmony, jazz, improv, repertoire-building and self-expression.

It also includes a strong component of how to adapt music for meditation or therapeutic use and expand it with improvisation.

It’s a highly interactive program with weekly masterclass-chats, projects and individualized coaching available in the chats.

Classes can be taken any time as self-paced learning – or you can following the yearly guided curriculum which includes pre-recorded trainings, homework projects, live chats and projects.  Classes include Hip Harp Toolkit, Hands-On Harmony, Blues Harp-Style, Jazz for Harps, Strings of Passion and all the “Beyond the Page” courses as well as many mini-courses and webinars.

To access these higher-level courses  you can upgrade at any time after becoming a FREE member —  OR you can simply register for the “Hip Harp Academy Full/Core” Level at the Hip Harp Academy Info & Registration page.

3. HARNESS YOUR MUSE Mentorship Program

HARNESS YOUR MUSE is a year-long application-only mentorship and mastermind group.

This program includes a the highest level of coaching and mentorship you can get in the Academy, with group focus sessions,  in-person retreats and project-completion coaching .

Harness Your Muse is usually used as a project-completion program.  It’s not based on your technical ability, but on your committment to  your dream project.  Some people enter with a very clear view of their project, others enter with a strong sense of their project and we work to clarify that sense and then create the steps to achieve it.

If you’re interested but not sure if this program is right for you, fill out the application anyway (the application itself will give you some clarity) and include your questions about whether it’s right for you.

Get more info and apply here at HarnessYourMuse.com.


If you’ve  purchased an Academy class, and you’d like to upgrade to the full Academy Curriculum – you may be to apply all or part of what you paid to upgrade (how much is dependent on the class an how long ago you purchased it.

To get an Upgrade Code:

Use the “Ask a Question” form and give us your name, email and the class or classes you purchased that like to upgrade from — and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you already have an upgrade code:

USE  FORM to upgrade from the following classes.  Once you have your code, cut and paste it into the “Promo Code” field and hit “apply”

  • One Song: The Nightingale
  • Hands on Harmony
  • 3-Chord Magic / Sing & Play Harp:


FOR UPGRADES FROM: Hip Harp Toolkit, Summer Harp Jam, Jazz for Harps, Blues Harp-Style, Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page: USE THIS UPGRADE ORDER FORM once you have your code

It’s Always worth Asking

It’s always worth asking whether you’re eligible for an upgrade, because the situation can be fluid. For example, during May 2020 in the covid-19 pandemic we offered an extension on upgrades to those purchasing classes as much as 18 months previous.

The upgrade system isn’t automated – we create and send each code separately, so  the best and fastest way to get this upgrade is to use the “Ask-a-Question” form to let us know you want to upgrade – and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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