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What is “Hip Harp Academy?”

“Hip Harp Academy” is a multi-level online creative learning school for harp players that was created by Deborah Henson-Conant.

Below is an image of the dashboard at Hip Harp Academy.  This is what you’ll see once you log in.  The red icons show the classes you have access to as a FREE Level member.  The black badges show what you”ll get as you upgrade to the higher levels. 

There are currently 3 levels of the school – which you can see in the image at right

This is a picture of what your dashboard would look like if you joined as a FREE Level member.  And here’s what each section gives you:

  1. FREE Level (which you can join below, if you’re not already a member).  The free level gives you access to Webinar Replays, free trainings like “HaRpy Birthday,” “Looper Lesson” plus worksheet, playsheets and other resources just for harp players.  Get an instant FREE level membership now
  2. “FULL” or “CORE” Level – which gives you a year-long members to the full “Hip Harp Academy” core-level curriculum including Hip Harp Toolkit, Hands-On Harmony, Blues HarpStyle, and all the “Beyond the Page” courses as well as many mini-courses and webinars. Get more info and register here at HipHarpAcademy.com
  3. HARNESS YOUR MUSE – which is a year-long application-only mentorship and mastermind group.  Get more info and apply here at HarnessYourMuse.com.

FREE-Level Membership

To access my free webinar replays, worksheets and other free resources, create a FREE Level  Membership in Hip Harp Academy.   When you have a Free-Level membership make an account on the FREE Level, your dashboard looks something like the image above.  You’ll have access to all the resources with the RED icons. It takes about 30 seconds total to apply for the free membership, get the email with log-in info and get to all the free resources – so just click here now:

>> Create a FREE Level Membership <<

To Join as a “Full” or “Core” Member

To access the higher-level courses –  including the courses I personally guide with weekly live chats – you can upgrade at any time after becoming a FREE member —  OR you can simply register for the “Hip Harp Academy Full/Core” Level at the Info & Registration page.

>> Link to the Info & Registration page to Register for Full or Core Membership at “Hip Harp Academy” <<

To Apply for Harness your Muse

“Harness Your Muse” is my year-long mentored mastermind program.  This program includes a the highest level of coaching and mentorship you can get in my programs, with bi-weekly  group focus sessions, two in-person retreats, monthly project-completion goals and a private Facebook Community with the other members of the mastermind.  This is a project-completion program.  It’s not based on your technical ability, but on your intention to commit yourself to your dream project.  Some people enter with a very clear view of their project, others enter with a strong sense of their project and we work to clarify that sense and then create the steps to achieve it.

You can apply any time, but members enter quarterly if there’s space in the program.  You can get more info and apply now below.  If you’re interested but not sure if this program is right for you, fill out the application anyway (the application itself will give you some clarity) and include your questions about whether it’s right for you.

>> Get More Info & Apply Now at Harness Your Muse  <<

 I look forward to seeing you in the Academy!

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