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Welcome Back!

  • MON. Jan. 20 there's a warm-up webinar for "Strings of Passion" called "Create YOUR Vision Music" - you'll need to register for it (and it's free)
  • TUE. Jan. 21 at NOON EST - We officially begin "Strings of Passion" Warm-up Week. Yaaaay! You should get an email at that time with links to the class. If you don't, you can always use the "Ask a Question" form to get a message directly to the team.
  • ALL Chats & Schedules: Double-check the SIDEBAR for Chat Info & Upcoming Schedule. If you notice discrepancies, please let us know, using the "Ask a Question" form.

I'm SOOO looking forward to this class with you!

"Strings of Passion" is THE most powerful of all the classes in the Academy because it takes your playing to the next level, and truly brings your creative voice into a ever more powerful resonance in your life and your playing. I can't wait!!

If you ever notice this newsfeed isn't current, you can let us know what's missing or incorrect with the "Ask a Question" form - and thank you!

[Updated Jan. 19, 2019)

Please check the Hip Harp Academy FAQ page before submitting a question.

If you didn’t find the answer in the FAQ, use this form to ask questions.  If I can, I’ll answer them when I get them, or I’ll save them and add them to the class chat (or both!).


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