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Here's where we ARE:  Week 10 of "Strings of Passion" (Review & Project Discussion)

Here's What's Coming Up:

  • MON. APR. 6 is our next CHAT  at 4:30 pm EST  (with the PRE-CHAT starting at 4pm for review, reorientation, new student orientation and fledgling player questions)- look in the sidebar for a link to the chat info. You should also get 3 reminder emails (one 24 hours in advance, one 90-120 minutes and one 15 minutes in advance)
  • TUE. Mar. 31 & THU. Apr. 02 at 4:30 pm EDT is our next schedule for HARP Time LIVE with DHC! A Virtual PlayDate! - Expect glitches!!! They'll be held in an ANCILLARY LOCATION  (did I mention to expect glitches!) The time and location may not be communicated superlatively. Tell you friends to SIGN UP!!! CLICK HERE to get to the opt-in page.
  • Once you and your friends sign up, not only will you be able to attend the Harp Time LIVE sessions as they happen, but you’ll also be able to log-in to the Academy, and access all replays! Click HERE to learn how to ACCESS ALL REPLAYS!
  • ALL Chats & Schedules: Double-check the SIDEBAR for Chat Info & Upcoming Schedule. If you notice discrepancies, please let us know, using the "Ask a Question" form (which is also in the sidebar)
  • TUE. APR. 7 at noon EST we start the following Module. The module that starts that day is the module of Review & Project Discussion. You can get to the Class Schedule & Table of Contents where you can find ALL classes here

If you ever notice this news-feed isn't current, you can let us know what's missing or incorrect with the "Ask a Question" form - and thank you!

[Updated Mar. 31, 2020 / CDS]

Please check the Hip Harp Academy FAQ page before submitting a question.

If you didn’t find the answer in the FAQ, use this form to ask questions.  If I can, I’ll answer them when I get them, or I’ll save them and add them to the class chat (or both!).


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