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We Are Here => Week Starting: MON. Oct. 19 - Ending: SUN. Oct. 25


Where are we?? You can see each week's "Class Notes" in the "Sidebar" under "Academy Schedule" - then open the TOGGLE marked "Weekly Class Notes" and look for this week's notes.

THIS WEEK'S SCHEDULE: Oct. 19 - Oct. 25

Look in the sidebar for Academy Schedule link to find the "Class Notes" for this week.

  1. Mondays: MASTERCLASS CHATS - at 11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT AND at 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm EDT. Come to either or both. These are masterclass-chats: they include a training session and play along - followed by questions. Academy Members Only (the link is in your reminder email)
  2. Fri. Oct. 23: Office Hours at 11:30 am EDT. Look in Chat Info (in the sidebar) for the link
  3. Thursdays: "HARP Time LIVE" (Free to the Public)  Thursdays at 4:30 - 5:30 EDT  Opt-in Here ~  watch REPLAYS here ~ Share with Friends here 

NOTE: The Universe is in a constant state of flux ... and so are schedules. Sometimes these schedules change. We try to give plenty of notice but it's not always possible.

Where are the Replays?

  • Chats: Look in the sidebar for "Chat Replays" under "Fall 2020"
  • Office Hours Replays: Look on the "Chat Replay" Page for the "Office Hours Replays" TOGGLE
  • Special Event "DHC Harp: Under the Hood" Look on the "Chat Replay" Page for the "Special Event Replays" TOGGLE
  • Untangle Weekend Retreat: Scroll down on your dashboard to find the "Untangle" badge
  • Lead Sheet Bootcamp Retreat - Look under "Foundations" on your Dashboard for the badge
  • Harp Time Live: Look for the "Harp Time Live" Icon under the "Free Classes & Resources" header.

FOR ALL Chats & Schedules: Double-check the SIDEBAR for Chat Info & Upcoming Schedule. If you notice discrepancies, please let us know, using the "Ask a Question" form (which is also in the sidebar)  If you ever notice this news-feed isn't current, you can let us know what's missing or incorrect with the "Ask a Question" form - and thank you!

[Updated Oct.  18, 2020 - 10:38  pm / DHC]

Please check the Hip Harp Academy FAQ page before submitting a question.

If you didn’t find the answer in the FAQ, use this form to ask questions.  If I can, I’ll answer them when I get them, or I’ll save them and add them to the class chat (or both!).


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