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Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page

Deborah Henson-Conant’s Online Learning Experience
On Lever or Pedal Harp  ~ For Fledgeling, Intermediate and Advanced Players

Available 24/7 for Self-Paced Learning

Do you long to EXPRESS yourself in your playing?
With a piece that really lets YOU SHINE?

Did you ever long to play one piece of music that you KNEW would bring the house down. Maybe you heard someone else play, and felt your passion ignite. What if YOU could play that?

Did you stop yourself because you figured it was too hard? Were you afraid you’d do it wrong? Or did you buy the music – and then just never got around to it. Or you tried but when you opened it, it just looked too complicated?

What if the COMPOSER could break it down for you?

What if you could talk to the composer? What if she broke it all down for you, so you you understood how it works — so you could play it with confidence, passion and self-expression – at your level of technical ability – and with an IMPACT that rivals any player on the planet – because it’s custom-designed for you … by you … with the help of the creative mind that composed it. 

Imagine telling people:
“I worked with the composer on this piece.”

Baroque Flamenco “Beyond the Page”

(for Pedal & Lever Harp)
3 Levels: Fledgling, Intermediate & Advanced

6-Months access to all the pre-recorded video trainings PLUS downloadable audio & pdf files to keep forever

“Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page” is an online course I created especially for YOU, the impassioned harp player.

In the course – which you can take at your own pace – I show you my own secrets of how to play this fiery harp showpiece at your skill level on your harp, whether it’s a lever harp or a pedal harp, 47 strings or 21 strings.

You’ll learn to EXPAND it if you’re an advanced player and SIMPLIFY it if you’re still a fledgling player.

You’ll learn to make the dramatic Flamenco cadenza SIZZLE, and how to end the piece with so much inner fire that you COMPEL your audience to jump up and shout!

Sometimes you just need someone to
break it all down for you!

Here’s how I break it down:

  • 10 video coaching lessons you can take at your own pace – on 3 levels: Fledgling, Intermediate & Advanced
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of every note of the piece
  • This is not just a workshop! You get my hands-on video direction through every single measure of the piece (including new revisions that aren’t even in the published music yet!).
  • Review as much as you want. You get 6 months access to review the videos PLUS you get to download all the PDFs and MP3s to create your own study binder.

This course is available year-round to take at your own pace BUT once every year or two I GUIDE the class with LIVE weekly online Q&A Masterclasses so you can ask questions to help YOU play it the way you want.

PLUS you get to connect to other harp players all around the world  who are all learning this piece just like you 

By the end of the class you’ll be playing YOUR personalized performance of “Baroque Flamenco,” you’ll have your own digital library of PDFs & mp3s from the class PLUS 6 months access to expand and review at your own pace.

And for the rest of your life, you can say that YOU trained with the composer of “Baroque Flamenco”- one of innovative visionary harpists in the world today.

The most fun!

“This is the most fun I ever had in any course PLUS I actually learned how to play the piece!!!” Sara Morsey (California, USA)

It felt so simple!

“My sheet music has always been my safety net…but when you broke Baroque Flamenco down into small pieces, it all felt so simple.” Annette Sollie Hagen (Norway)

Upping my Confidence!

One of the biggest gains for me is upping my confidence in attitude, expression and dynamics” Anna Dunwoodie (New Zealand)


“I have to tell you that the sense of empowerment I have now is really incredible.” Jennifer Keller (USA)

A Dream!

I would never have dreamed of posting a video before embarking on the Baroque Flamenco journey!” Ruth Lee (UK)

This piece is so performative. Finding yourself in it is an experience!

Debra Sawyer (Norway)

I love your ideas about imperfect completion.”

My sheet music has always been my safety net, and I couldn’t imagine myself to perform anything by memory. But when I worked with Baroque Flamenco and you broke it all down into small pieces, it all felt so simple.

It was so useful with your advice about improvising, what to do if I got lost, how to remember everything etc. I felt so safe. Thank you so much for making me do something that I thought was impossible.Annette Sollie Hagen (Norway)

‘Baroque Flamenco’ was an instant hit with all my students and audiences too, and it always brings the house down!”

Soloist & Teacher,  Eleanor Turner (UK)  See Eleanor’s Version in the “MY Baroque Flamenco” Blog Series

“My teacher was really enthusiastic and encouraged me to take Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page.

I hadn’t played the piece before the course, but had played and loved “New Blues” so couldn’t wait to start Baroque Flamenco … I would never have dreamed of posting a video before embarking on the Baroque Flamenco journey!

Moreover, I try to concentrate on the positives; begin to love imperfection and spontaneity. I have begun to improvise on the harp – even in public!”Ruth Lee (UK)   See Ruth’s version in the MY Baroque Flamenco” Blog Series after taking the course] 


“You are an incredible inspiration.   You have me completely sucked in by your dynamic-ness, passion for the music and your joy of spreading it around.

One of the biggest gains for me (who spends 26 hours teaching other harpies) is upping my confidence in attitude, expression and dynamics in my, and in my student’s, musical performance.Anna Dunwoodie
(New Zealand)

“I absolutely love the way you have crafted a method to allow unique talents to shine on an individual level!

Karla Williams (Maryland, USA)

“Your course was quite simply the best harping experience I have ever had.

You teach skills that are not just visual, but kinesthetic and aural – and you’ve managed to do it in a fun, engaging, and not-overwhelming way – masterful, to be sure!

THANK YOU for providing training and guidance to help me reach my goals and objectives for my new life with music.”  Kevin Roddy (Hawaii, USA)

“I have to tell you that the sense of empowerment I have now is really incredible.

I’ve spent so much time knowing, feeling, that there was something more inside me, and to finally have someone understand that I wanted to get at whatever “it” was and know HOW to do it was just the most incredible, empowering thing.

Jennifer Keller (USA)

Invest in Your Creative Freedom

“Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page”

Available 24/7 for Self-Paced Learning

(for Pedal & Lever Harp)
3 Levels: Fledgling, Intermediate & Advanced

 6-Months access to all the pre-recorded video trainings PLUS  downloadable audio & pdf files to keep forever.


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About the creator of this program, Deborah Henson-Conant:

Hi, I’m Deborah Henson-Conant, and I’ve been composing, arranging and creating shows since I was a kid. I now play shows with symphonies and on solo stages with the electric harp that was created for me by CAMAC Harps, the “DHC Light”.  (You can read about that in my recent TEDx talk)

I had a few harp lessons when I was a kid, then dropped the harp for 10 years. When I got to college, the concert band needed a harpist – so, because I’d had 6 lessons and knew how to tune a harp – I got the job.

I was 22 at the time, and needed money to pay for school … and for the used harp I bought. I bought a bunch of long dresses and costume jewelry in a thrift-store, dolled myself up and got a job subbing as background harpist in a fancy hotel restaurant in San Francisco.

But I only knew how to play four pieces. And I had to figure out how to make as much from those pieces as I could.

One of them was a simple little minuet by Jean Jaques Rousseau from my beginners “Medieval to Modern” book. I LOVED that piece – so I started improvising on it. And I kept improvising on it. For 30 years I improvised on that piece. And it grew, and changed … and eventually became the fiery showstopper I ended my 2007 PBS music special in: “Baroque Flamenco.”

Soon after that, I published the piece for solo harp in three versions: Advanced Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced – and harpists all over the world started performing it. But as people started coming to me for one-on-one coaching on the piece, I realized that notes-on-the-page couldn’t begin to convey what the piece is actually about – which is musical freedom of expression.

I also realized that each person really needed to be able to adapt the piece to their own abilities in order to play it fluently.

Thus was “Baroque Flamenco Bootcamp” born.

In this course I walk you through the piece, show you how to play what’s on the written page – and more importantly, how to adapt it to your own technical ability. I show less-advanced players how to simplify it, and more-advanced players how to really make the advanced techniques sizzle. And I show musicians of every level how to bring out the passion and character that makes the piece such a show-stopper and a satisfying piece to play.

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Frequently Asked Questions
A. You don’t need any special software or hardware. You can take the course on your computer or ipad. You’ll watch the course videos on line, and you can download the MP3 play-along files and PDFs. Even people who consider themselves completely non-tech-savvy are able to access and enjoy the course. Some people even say that one of the big benefits of the course is getting more comfortable with online tech formats! Here’s how the content is provided:

  • Pre-Recorded Video Trainings
  • MP3 versions of the trainings that you can download and listen to on your ipad, phone or computer
  • A Live Online Q&A Session – which you can attend live or via replay- and if you’re not attending live you can submit your questions in advance and watch the answers later in the video replay.

So even if your tech-savvy only goes so far as knowing how to link to a webpage, watch YouTube and download a file, you’ll be able to get all the class information. The truth is, there’s always a bit of a learning curve unless you’ve taken online courses before — but many people have told me that my online courses have given them the added benefit of learning to navigate the web in new and empowering ways — and that makes me very happy!

A. In “Jazz for Harps” there’s no official homework submissions, but you should plan to spend at least 4 hours a week on the program, and most importantly on PLAYING what you learn.

A. That’s pretty much up to you. You could just spend an hour a week if you just want to watch the videos and play along with them. OR, if you want to ‘get the most bang for their buck’ you can spend as much as an hour or more a day, watching the videos, downloading the materials and then putting it all into practice and playing with others!

Most people fall between those two extremes – and it’s totally fine how YOU want to use the program and how it fits into YOUR life right now. That’s also why you get access to the website for 6 months – so you can go back and review.

The most important thing you can do each week in any program of mine is to find one simple idea and put it directly into your playing at your level. If you do that ONE thing each week you’ll get more out of the program than reading and watching everything but not putting it into practice.

So if you don’t have much time one week, you can skim the videos, find your ‘nugget’ for the week, put it into practice and feel great that you’re getting something that will change your playing for the rest of your life!

A. That idea is really more of a mindset than a reality with my classes. I don’t expect people to get ‘everything’ when they take my classes. Learning jazz and improvisation is all about spiral learning, and that’s why many people decide to sign up for the full yearlong academy, and take it year after year, each time going deeper into the learning.

The first time through, if people feel they’re ‘falling behind,’ some just email me using the “Ask a Question” form and ask for coaching on how to catch up.

Since it’s never possible to get everything, ‘catching up’ is usually a matter of understanding that there are BASIC principles you can learn easily (and you can always ask me about them), principles you can practice in both your playing and your life.  If you get the basic principle of each module and accept that it’s never possible to get everything, then you can move forward and have fun at the level you’re at with what you HAVE learned.

You’ll get all the music you need from within the course. However, in “Jazz for Harps” some people may want to also buy the “Real Book” or an equivalent collection of standard jazz tune charts.

All my online programs (and even my offline programs!) are multi-level and for both lever and pedal harp and it works because I always start by teaching the underlying concept of what we’re doing. Each concept can be expressed in infinite ways, at infinite levels of ability – and part of the fun of each course is your collaboration with me in finding the ways to play them that you can play right now. There is no limit to how much you can simplify or expand a musical concept. For each thing I show you, I’ll always include a distilled/fundamental/simple version of it and ways to embellish and expand it. And if it’s either not simple enough … or not complex enough for you, then you can ask for a simplification or an embellishment — and that’s part of what I’ll do in the live Q&A sessions and part of what creates such a vibrant sense of involvement and ‘live-ness’ in the class. Summer Harp Jam is different than many of my others because this is SO focused on playing in the moment, and the live sessions will include a lot of time where I’m playing and you’re playing back to me BUT that doesn’t mean you need to play exactly what I’m playing each time! If you’re still a fledgling playing, you may only play the first note of what I play until you get comfortable to add more notes — and that’s why you’ll get to watch and play-along over and over. If you’re an advanced player, you may want to embellish the line I play when you play it back to me! And one of the incredible advantages of virtual ‘live’ events (like the play-along sessions) is that you won’t be disturbed by the playing of others and you won’t be comparing yourself to the playing of the others — everyone will be playing along ‘together’ … at completely different places on the planet!
Q: CAN I GET A TASTE-TEST?? I’VE NEVER BEEN IN AN ONLINE COURSE - Is there a way to just see how it works?
YES!  I created a special little course that you can take for free.  It’s called “HaRpy Birthday” and it’ll give you a taste of my teaching style (though this particular class is not particularly jazzy and it’s geared towards Intermediate or Fledgling players)  Just go to HarpyBirthday.com .That should get you a “Free Level” account at Hip Harp Academy. Then just look for the “HaRpy Birthday” icon and you can take that mini-class to see what it’s like to work with me online.

Q: WHAT TIME IS THE CLASS? Will I have to get up in the middle of the night!
No worries – you can take the whole Jazz for Harps program at your own pace.  Everything is recorded and many people prefer to never come to the live parts and just watch via replay or download the MP3s and just listen and play along. Any online chats, special events, online retreats or  ‘live jams’ are recorded and I try to get them online within 24 hours.  Most happen on the weekends (though we always query the class to make sure we’re holding events at the best times for students).

WHAT A GREAT QUESTION!  This program is focused on JAZZ – but there’s a style of jazz that I would call “contemplative jazz” – that uses the jazz harmonies and forms, but either greatly softens the rhythms, or is purely rubato.

I use Jazz concepts in many different ways myself: for traditional or standard jazz playing, in my original works – whether its solo works, with band, ensemble or symphony orchestra – and I also use jazz concepts for meditative styles of music.

That’s one of the greatest values of the LIVE component of the course.  If your specific goal is to use the concepts in meditative or therapeutic music, then you can get as much input as you like about that by asking specific questions about it in the live online chats, the facebook group page and the “Ask a Question” form.

That’s an excellent question about the video and how the course works with less robust internet connections.  Let me know if this answers that question:

  • The “training” part of the program – the part that’s always there when you get into the classroom – is embedded videos (plus PDF handouts, text and downloadable audio).
  • For every video, there’s also a downloadable mp3 . That means you can get the mp3 right onto your computer and then avoiding worrying about internet at all.
  • The LIVE weekly online Q&As or play-along events are all live-streamed.  Usually only about 25-30% of the people actually come live.  The rest prefer to wait until we post the replay, and either watch that online or just download the MP3 and play with that.  I’m not sure if they do that because of their internet connection or just because they prefer to be able to stop and start the videos at their own pace.

We can’t always count on internet, as great as it is. That’s why I record everything we do in the program and then add it to the classroom so people can watch at their own pace, or download the MP3s and the PDF play-sheets to have on their own computer or MP3 device.
A. YES! Depending on when you sign up there’s a payment plan that lets you split the payment (if you sign up outside of the normal registration period, the payment plan may not be available). To see whether or not there’s a payment plan and what it is, click the ordering link as if you’re going to order and you’ll see the payment plan outlined on the order form.

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