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This is a warm-up Webinar for
“Strings of Passion”

(“Strings of Passion” part of the Year-Long Membership Curriculum at Hip Harp Academy.)

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Power-Start Your Creative Day!

Recorded Sun. Jan. 6, 2019 – 3:30 pm EST

How do you start your day?

Creative habits can set you up for the day, connect you with your talents, warm up your body and your mind.

Highly creative people need to support their minds, bodies and spirits each day to keep creative output fresh and strong.
How do they develop those positive habits?

In this webinar, I share my own daily power-start, including:

  1. Harp warmups I created specifically to help me work the parts of my body – and my brain – where I wanted more strength: arpeggios, scales and coordination.
  2. The actual worksheet I use each day to power-start my own thoughts and reconnect to my 10 goals for each year.
  3. How I use meditation to disconnect from past ‘failures’ and connect to future success.
  4. You’ll learn how to take what you learn much, much further in the 10-Week “Strings of Passion” program or the yearlong “Hip Harp Academy

PLUS: You’ll get a version of my warmups to try yourself, and a copy of my power-start daily worksheet. And I’ll tell you how you can take these habits much, much further in unlocking your creative expression.

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