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This replay is part of a special LIVE Series. My goal with these Live sessions is to create a series of “OVERVIEWS” of the main concepts in the Academy so we can keep referring back to them

I recorded all of the LIVE on Facebook – and I want to open them to the public because – knowing I’m speaking to people who know ‘nothing’ about what I’m talking about helps me organize the concepts and speak to ‘beginner’s minds.

You can view the chat replay video and download an MP3 and PDF hand out of it below.


Replays of Past Episodes

#1: Musical Moonshine:
Distilling Musical Forms

Click here here for session #1 Overview & PDF

About this Session:

“Musical Moonshine” or Distilling Musical Form

Click here for the Hand-Out from this Session

In this Session I went over two main FORMAL elements:

Structural FORM and Musical ROLES

I’ve talked about these many times (and I will continue to!). They’re at the heart of EVERYTHING we learn in the Academy, and here’s what they ‘are’:

  • FORM is Arrangement form or structure (including the 5-Part Arrangement form, the jazz map, the Blues overall structure, Baroque Flamenco structure). I made a chart showing the 3 forms we use in the Academy so you can always refer to them.
  • ROLES’ – the 3 roles of Melody, Accompaniment & Bass are how we ‘implement’ music, regardless of the style or whether we’re playing solo, accompanying, playing in an orchestra, etc.

#2: Get Rich Quick (Harmonically)!
Enriching Harmony & Chord Progressions

Click here here for session #2 Overview & PDF

About this Session:

“Get Rich QUICK (Harmonically)”

(Download the PDF Here)

In this Session I went over 3 principles of enriching chords:

  1. Extension
  2. Alteration
  3. Substitutions

And the concept of Chord Progressions (and Vamps!)

#3: Interview with a VAMPer
What are Vamps & Where do you use them?

Click here here for session #3 Overview (No PDF for this Session)

About this Session:

“Interview with a VAMPer”

(There’s no Handout for this Session)

We talked about what vamps ARE and how you can use them.

#4: Piecing the Puzzle Together

How Hip Harp Academy Programs work together for creative expression

Click here here for session #4 Overview & PDF Handout

About this Session:

“Piecing Together the Puzzle”

(Download the PDF for this Session Here)

We talked about the ‘creative canvas’ for musical expression of an underlying arrangement form – then we talked about how each of the programs in Hip Harp Academy uses that canvas to develop your creative self-expression and why you don’t need to get EVERYTHING in order to get what YOU need to express yourSELF.

#5: Meet the (Chord) Family!

(June 5, 2019)

Click here here for session #5 Overview & PDF Handout

About this Session:

“Meet the (Chord) Family”

(Download the PDF for this Session Here)

Chords don’t live in a vacuum – they related to each other and they each help to define a musical realm. Why is that important? Being able to see the realm, or key, that you’re in, tells you what notes to use in building the chords of that realm and playing melodic improvisations of that realm. It’s a complex concept – but we explored it today – with some beautiful insights by musicians attending the session.