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This is a warm-up Webinar for
“Jazz for Harps”
the next class at Hip Harp Academy

(“Strings of Passion” is included in the Year-Long Membership Curriculum at Hip Harp Academy. It can also be purchased separately as a stand-alone class)

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Harp Intro 101: Where Jazz, Blues & Folk Meet

Do you freeze or panic when someone says “Improvise!”
Do you run out of ideas before you even start?
Does your left hand get lost and your right hand gets started … and then you lose the rhythm?

If you answered “Yes” to any  – then this Training is for YOU!

What You'll Learn in this Webinar (Click to Open)

In this lesson with one of the world’s most widely experienced harp improv masters you’ll learn some of the secrets inside “Jazz for Harps” – the Spring/Summer program at Hip Harp Academy:

  1. How the chords of any tune are like the tracks of a train that hold every improv together, no matter the style: from folk, to Blues, Jazz and even meditation music – and how that solid foundation gives you a foundation for freely improvising.
  2. How every tune has a ‘roadmap’ that unfolds a journey you can play as simply or extravagantly as YOU are able. starting with literally playing single strings. Once you know that roadmap, the tune will expand for you forever, opening more and more as your skills and experience expand.
  3. How Structure gives you Freedom to expand, simplify – or completely change the style of a piece of music (and how easy it is to see that structure once you know it’s there)

PLUS: I’ll show you how to take what you learn much further – whether you’re a concert artist longing to break free of the notes or an impassioned 2nd-career player improvising at bedside.

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“Structure is FREEDOM!” is a Warm-up Webinar for the Fall “Building the Bones” Program at Hip Harp Academy