Don’t worry. You’re not BEHIND. You’re AHEAD. You’re way ahead where you were at the beginning of the class, and you don’t have to learn or do everything – I put more in the courses than I think you’ll be able to learn the first time through.

If you want to turn in homework and you can’t get to everything (or anything!) in the lesson, you can turn in the same kind of thing you did the first week – just getting more comfortable with the process. That is TOTALLY fine – seriously – just let me know that’s what you’re doing, so I know how to look at it. Even those of you getting feedback from me can keep turning in the same assignment over and over, making any changes you want based on my feedback.

And remember, you don’t have to be CREATIVE with this. This is about FLUENCY. You don’t need to come up with new ideas. You can keep using the same ‘idea’ over and over, and just slightly change other elements of your homework submissions, like the tunes you’re using, your intros, how you incorporate the melody, how you accompany the melody, or using whatever you’ve learned in whatever course you’re taking.

It’s really fine to do the same thing over and over. When you are completely bored with that because it’s so easy you could do it in your sleep, then you can take one more idea you learn in the course and add that idea. To me, that’s the best way to learn and incorporate things.